Cloud Mouth - That Ghost is Always With Me 12"

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Remember "In Utero" by Nirvana?

CLOUD MOUTH is a humble and demure 3 piece from CHICAGO’S vibrant west side neighborhood - LOGAN SQUARE . Assiduous in their application of DIY ethos, the band continues to chug along at a rapid yet well grounded pace." - HeWhoCorrupts Inc.

"Here’s a band that’s doing everything right: Cloud Mouth assimilates the Dischord sound into a Midwest frame of reference, playing with the perfect combination of intensity and talent. The guitar and bass swirl around each other in an interplay that finds dissonant notes strung over thunderous bass, as the instruments come together and fall away. This exchange is anchored by complex drumming, which is comprised of equal parts power and finesse. Call and response vocals complete the package, adding urgency and emotion to the mix. The resulting songs are angular and jarring, yet full of heavy grooves.

These guys put absolutely everything they have into their set, and it’s this genuine passion that sets them apart. Cloud Mouth’s sincerity is echoed in their actions and contributions to DIY in Chicago, so it’s really no surprise that the music they make is this outstanding considering where their hearts are." - Dr. Nick Wakim

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