HKY - Self-Titled 12"

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Associated to the scene "post hardcore Parisian, HKY s’extrait very easily avoiding such a dense atmosphere even more and more bleak than normally associated with the style. So although the name of Neurosis jumps to the ears, but also that of Darkspace that is clear to me from the set of samples associated with heavy riffs and dark. HKY this is his first album qu’? (four under eight minutes on average) but is already sown for the later has much more to do with music composed by the fans of Isis and Cult of Luna whose discs stacked on the tables of journalists. Slow and dense, the guitar riffs halo samples glacial resonate heavily before the rhythm section. Although concentrated towards a common goal, the group does not like one man and leaves room for each member to make it much more personal. HKY finds its own voice in a genre marked s’extrait and therefore the quality of interpretation, but also thanks to the strong personality of each musician whose talent is obvious. The recording is extremely worked and allows each instrument to emphasize more clearly that the amps on all concert halls where I could see them happen. In just four titles covered in layers of discordant sounds, HKY that does not compose songs but also wrote his universe whose personality is now already palpable. Damn can not lie or produce a disc system. Altess, Every Reason To, Slavery, Immemorial, (Remote). So many names crossed on flyers whose members are on this first chapter, but that there is need to mention them all to promote the merits thereof. This album speaks for them and not enough doubt to convince up to what their next record the burial. -

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