Heads up yall: our main shipment of "Whatever Nevermind" was delayed by the freight company so we're only now going full beastmode on mailorder. Thus, the first shipments are just going out now. We'll continue to chug through all orders ASAP and erryone's patience is appreciated !

Crestfallen - Self-Titled CDep


Five high-energy tracks of fast and passionate punk-influenced metallic hardcore. Good ol' fist-raising, circle-pit-inducing music at it's finest with an undeniable grind influence and plenty of epic melodic parts to keep you on your toes, and guest vocal apperances from VA's finest (PIG DESTROYER's JR Hayes, PAGENINETYNINE's Chris Taylor). The beautiful and haunting artwork is housed in a gatefold paperboard pack and perfectly conveys the youthful energy put into this recording. Members of PG99 played on this, and members of CRESTFALLEN went on to form/join WILDILDLIFE, PYGMY LUSH, HEAVENS, HARAM, C-REX, PIZZA, DEAD TO ME, HOLLYWOOD and about a million more. Plus the two "hidden" cover songs on this make it worth it alone...

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