Helms Alee - Night Terror - BLACK VINYL 12"


Seattle has been no stranger to dirty, heavy bands... but newcomers HELMS ALEE propel the city’s longrunning music reputation to the next level of awesomeness. Marrying the best parts of grunge and the rock trinity of punk, indie and stoner varieties, this powerful trio lay waste with their debut album "Night Terror". Ten tracks that run the gamut of psychedelic grit, western-ish drugged out drone jams, delicate melodic passages and most of all, ferociously crushing heavy rock. These truly hypnotic songs also benefit from a healthy balance of soaring vocals into the triumphant chorus of male and female yells. The sheer magnitude of said awesomeness is pretty incredible for a relatively new band, but years in the trial-by-fire underground and a band member building their own amps only ups the ante. Add in percussion unafraid of crashing and clanging like a tornado and you’ve got a thunderous debut of shoegazer bliss mixed perfectly with hessian heaven. HELMS ALEE are poised to level with their debut longplayer, and Robotic Empire is proud to present it to you.

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