Heads up yall: our main shipment of "Whatever Nevermind" was delayed by the freight company so we're only now going full beastmode on mailorder. Thus, the first shipments are just going out now. We'll continue to chug through all orders ASAP and erryone's patience is appreciated !

Ingrid - Tryangle Cassette


Two piece Mind-bending, soul-shifting, teeth-clenching punk from D.C. Former/current members of MASS MOVEMENT OF THE MOTH, DES ARK and DANKE. Ashley A's high pressure d-beat melds with palpating cardiographic guitar riffs akin to USAISAMONSTER, but with Joey D's signature flavor. Do not trifle with the songs on this cassette, or otherwise listen unprepared; a fate of becoming and remaining a prisoner of your own mind will become yours. This repressed edition has packaging different then shown in the picture. We'll be listing a new picture soon.

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