Flechette - Self-Titled 12"

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The definition of “flechette” is “a small pointed steel projectile with a vaned tail for stable flight.” And the band named after said object are cutting straight to the chase on this EP. The self-titled release opens with a barrage of beautiful noise that soon gives out to an impassioned vocal that mixes with the rest of the bands instruments very well. Indeed, if there is ever a pause for breath on this EP, I don’t think I came across it. Opener “Warden’s Current” is a near four-minute thrash that segues almost seamlessly into second track, the equally energetic “Ovidian Hurts.” The pace is kept up admirably over all seven tracks until closer “Hypnic” wraps up the collection with its rhythmic electric squeals and almost bee-like static sounds that lead to more impassioned hardcore vocals. It has to be said that this is a short and sweet collection, and that is only a good thing in this case. Whilst I did enjoy the songs, it’s not something you could listen to all the time. However, good music is something to appreciate, and all those with a love for hardcore will definitely be in some kind of heaven with this ear thrashingly good release.

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