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Revok - Bad Books And Empty Pasts - 180g CLEAR WITH RED COLORED VINYL 12"

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"’Holy shit, I absolutely understand why people were telling me to check this band out, because this is an absolutely excellent album that really has a lot to offer. The base of their approach should definitely appeal to fans of this niche of the French scene, what with its pulsing rhythms and dark, grating textures and scathing vocals. However, the direction in which they’re heading is also incredibly distinct, and really sets them apart from other (often more standard) acts that explore these realms of ’extreme music’. (...) The vocals are also pretty colorful, often employing strange techniques that combine singing, speaking, and sneering - which really adds to the overall atmosphere of the material and fits in well within the spaciousness of the music. It’s impressive how awesomely everything pieces together, really. I mean, the recording is superb, and the mix keeps one guitar on the left and the other on the right, thus allowing plenty of focus to fall towards the rhythm section. This also highlights the fact that the two guitars are damn near never doubling one another (or the bass, for that matter), so there’s always something unique happening on all sides and layering together into the whole. Very fucking cool. Very."

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