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ISIS – In The Absense Of Truth 2xLP out now + new shirts, etc!!!

OK folks, after much patience on your part and the (finally subsided) holiday mayhem, Robotic Empire is rightly stoked to announce the availability of ISIS‘ new full-length In The Absence Of Truth on vinyl in the 2xLP format. Although the European and Japanese releases of this have already hit the market (along with some of the US pressing through the band), we are expecting this to be fairly hectic as ISIS‘ fans are pretty freakin’ rabid. Because of this, we will do our best to answer all questions in this post and ask you please refrain from writing us unless we haven’t covered your question/problem here. Without further blabbering, here is our description of this stunning album along with a bunch of photos, pressing info, ordering information and more:

The logical expansion of ISIS‘ multiple personalities yield In The Absence Of Truth, their latest monster full-length. It only makes sense that the ‘atmospheric’ parts are even more haunting (yet, uplifting) and the ‘heavy’ parts are even more brutal and crushing. However, it’s hardly an album of polar opposites, with the fluidity only achieved by a band who’s been consistently developing like this for nearly a decade now. The increased amount of actual singing really makes a difference on the more mellow moments, but widespread experimentation with new elements reaches far beyond the vocals here. Appropriate usage of unique tones, leads and overall surprising song-structures culminate with nine tracks of ISIS‘ most impressive work to date. In The Absence Of Truth really is an astounding album, with a maturity displayed that leaps from their past into amazing uncharted waters of heaviness. Robotic Empire is honored to supply this gatefold, double-LP vinyl edition of ISIS‘ latest masterpiece. Limited to roughly 3000 total copies, here is the pressing info:

* Black Vinyl: 1595 copies
* White Vinyl: 786 copies
* Gold Vinyl: 317 copies
* Violet Vinyl: 299 copies

The photo above is of the front and back covers of the gatefold jacket. While the packaging looks much richer in real life (metallic gold ink is on ever piece of print), here are some more photos documenting the inside of the gatefold, the two printed dust sleeves (both sides), and photos of the colored vinyl:

If you haven’t heard the album yet and would like to sample some tracks, two different ones are available online:

* “Dulcinea”
* “Holy Tears”

*!* WE ASK YOU LIMIT YOUR PURCHASE TO 1 PER VINYL COLOR *!* If you want to order multiple colors, that is fine but please only order 1 of each variation or your full order will be refunded.

We are charging $20.00 for this (postage paid in the USA) and if you want to order this, please visit the Robotic Empire – Online Store. We also recently got some copies of the ISIS Clearing The Eye DVD, and have also gone and labeled every piece of colored vinyl that we currently carry. For the full list of colored vinyl we are currently selling please click here.

All orders are accepted via PayPal, and folks ordering with eChecks will still get the limited vinyl they order… assuming the eCheck clears of course. We don’t currently have any other way to accept credit cards, and cannot guarantee cash/money orders will get colored vinyl. We will not “hold” or set aside copies, sorry. All orders are being filled immediately and should ship within a week or less!

Besides the new ISIS vinyl, we have stocked a ton of new items and great restocks over the past few weeks, including a slew of old and new Robotic Empire-related t-shirts. The newest of the bunch is printed on what is easily one of the most comfortable shirts on the market, the American Apparel grey Tri-Blend t-shirt. This new 3-color design was done by Richmond artist Ryan McLennan and we couldn’t be much happier with how it turned out:

Other recent t-shirt restocks include our first two designs by John Baizley, plus re-prints and a new edition of the classic “Love Virginia” design:

Along with all of this, lots of new CDs and LPs have been acquired. As always, prices below already include postage in the USA:

* Across Tundras – “Dark Songs Of The Prairie” CD (Crucial Blast) – $10.00
* Ampere – “All Our Tomorrows End Today” 3″ MiniCD (Ebullition) – $7.00
* Ampere – “All Our Tomorrows End Today” 10″ (Ebullition) – $9.00
* Ampere / Sinaloa – “Split” CD (Ebullition) – $10.00
* Ampere / Sinaloa – “Split” 12″ (Ebullition) – $10.00
* Black Elk – “Self-Titled” CD (Crucial Blast) – $10.00
* Burmese / Fistula – “Split” CD (Crucial Blast) – $8.00
* Cannabis Corpse – “Blunted At Birth” CD (Forcefield) – $8.00
* Comadre – “Burn Your Bones” 12″ (Adagio830) – $12.00
* Enslaved – “Below The Lights” CD (The End) – $9.00
* Gaza – “East” CDep (Exigent) – $7.00
* Genghis Tron – “Cloak of Love” CDep (Crucial Blast) – $7.00
* Genghis Tron – “Dead Mountain Mouth” CD (Crucial Blast) – $10.00
* Goslings, The – “Spaceheater / Perfect Interior” CD (Crucial Blast) – $8.00
* Great Redneck Hope, The – “Behold The Fuck Thunder – CLEAR COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Waving Wheat) – $12.00
* Immortal – “Battles In The North” CD (The End) – $9.00
* Immortal – “Pure Holocaust” CD (The End) – $9.00
* Isis – “In The Absence Of Truth – BLACK VINYL” 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) – $20.00
* Isis – “In The Absence Of Truth – GOLD COLORED VINYL” 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) – $20.00
* Isis – “In The Absence Of Truth – VIOLET COLORED VINYL” 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) – $20.00
* Isis – “In The Absence Of Truth – WHITE COLORED VINYL” 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) – $20.00
* Love Like Electrocution – “Self-Titled” CD (Building) – $10.00
* Man Is The Bastard – “Mancruel” CD (Deep Six) – $8.00
* Maruta – “Demo” CD-R (Self Released) – $5.00
* MGR – “Nova Lux – COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Viva Hate) – $14.00
* Microwaves – “Contagion Heuristic” CD (Crucial Blast) – $10.00
* Morser – “Pure Scum” 12″ (Vendetta) – $12.00
* Nadja – “Bodycage” CD (Profound Lore) – $9.00
* Nixon – “Self-Titled” CD (Happy Couples) – $8.00
* Orchid – “Self-Titled (Gatefold)” CD (Ebullition) – $10.00
* Orchid – “Chaos Is Me – RED COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Ebullition) – $11.00
* Orphaned Land – “Mabood – CLEAR COLORED VINYL” 2×12″ (Profound Lore) – $12.00
* Phobia – “Means of Existence” 12″ (Deep Six) – $9.00
* Portraits of Past – “01010101 – BLUE COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Ebullition) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Bears – Size: Youth Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Robotic Empire – “Bears – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Robotic Empire – “Bears – Size: Medium” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Robotic Empire – “Bears – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Robotic Empire – “Bears – Size: Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Robotic Empire – “Bears – Size: Double Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $16.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Green) – Size: Youth Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Green) – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Green) – Size: Medium” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Green) – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Green) – Size: Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Brown) – Size: Youth Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Brown) – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Brown) – Size: Medium” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Brown) – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Brown) – Size: Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Purple) – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Purple) – Size: Medium” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Purple) – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Love Virginia (Purple) – Size: Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Robotic Empire – “Weed Snakes – Size: Youth Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $12.00
* Robotic Empire – “Weed Snakes – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $12.00
* Robotic Empire – “Weed Snakes – Size: Medium” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $12.00
* Robotic Empire – “Weed Snakes – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $12.00
* Robotic Empire – “Weed Snakes – Size: Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $12.00
* Torche – “Bear – Size: Youth Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Torche – “Bear – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Torche – “Bear – Size: Medium” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Torche – “Bear – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Torche – “Bear – Size: Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Torche – “Bear – Size: Double Extra Large” T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) – $15.00
* Totimoshi – “Ladron” CD (Crucial Blast) – $10.00
* Ulver – “Blood Inside” CD (The End) – $9.00
* Various Artists – “Building Records Presents: 60 Songs” 2xCD (Building) – $6.00
* Yaphet Kotto – “The Killer Was…” CD (Ebullition) – $9.00

That just about sums it all up for now… we’ll be furiously entering and filling these orders all week so send ’em on in! Thanks a bunch, and enjoy!

Robotic Empire – Online Store

New & exclusive DAUGHTERS t-shirt, designed by JOHN BAIZLEY!

Hello internet- it may have be a few years overdue, but we’ve finally made a DAUGHTERS t-shirt for you! To make up for lost time, we had our favorite artist JOHN BAIZLEY (BARONESS, TORCHE, PIG DESTROYER, etc.) knock out this amazing design for us in our continuing series with him. It’s a MASSIVE 16″ tall by 8″ wide print with three colors of ink (white, yellow and orange). This thing really did turn out beautifully, especially because we had these printed on 100% cotton Jerzees-brand black t-shirts.

Apparently the 100% cottons hold detail better than the 50/50s and this shirt is pretty much living proof of that! Per usual, this t-shirt is exclusively available through us, and we’ve uploaded some pretty large graphics to let you see the fine details of this beast, but keep in mind that these are digital camera photos… this monster looks even better in real life. Anyway, here’s some graphics: extreme closeup of the detail, and/or an overview shot.

And just in case you’re too lazy to click those links, here’s a slightly smaller version for ya:

That appears to sum it up. DAUGHTERS rules, this shirt totally rules… enjoy!

Robotic Empire’s Online Store

RED SPAROWES 2xLP now available! PIG DESTROYER shirts too!

So holy shit, we got the RED SPAROWES 2xLPs in today for their new album Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun, and who’da guessed it but they turned out… AMAZING!! Totally one of the most beautiful records we’ve laid our grubby paws on to date and we couldn’t be much more stoked to present this beast to you. Gatefold jackets w/ a classy matte finish, five color printing (metallic gold ink included) and an all-around stunning package. To pat the band and Pirates Press on their collective back, the artwork for this thing looks simply awesome on the large gatefold 2xLP format, and here is the description we wrote for the music contained within:

“Los Angeles’ RED SPAROWES bypass the fabled sophomore slump with Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun, and it’s almost as if they skipped over an entire album with the mighty leaps and bounds they’ve made since At The Soundless Dawn came out just the year prior. The reference points of past are less reminiscent with the quintet’s progressed sound, as there is a definitely “darker” approach on this album. However, the intense evoking of emotions is still accomplished through the all-instrumental approach, with more variety and depth than ever before. It’s an impressive effort, and Robotic Empire is proud to release this double-LP vinyl version of an incredible, dynamic and downright powerful album. While RED SPAROWES somewhat rapidly attained status as an instrumental force to be reckoned with, Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun expands far beyond what they’ve accomplished before and is a captivating new path in the ever-evolving world of instrumental music.”

So there you have it folks, the long-awaited 2nd album from the glorious RED SPAROWES is finally available… and per usual, wacky colored-vinyl is involved. Here’s what we pressed of this 2xLP and where the different copies (mostly) went:

* 1400 copies on BLACK vinyl – available mainly through retail stores & distros October 10th
* 300 copies on TRANSLUCENT YELLOW / BROWN SPLIT (aka “Light / Dark”) – available through Robotic Empire and the band only
* 200 copies on CLEAR W/ YELLOW SPOTS – available through Robotic Empire and the band only
* 100 copies on TRANSLUCENT YELLOW W/ SMOKE – “thank you Neurot!” hookup exclusive, available only from them

That should hopefully cover most of the main questions for this except the price: We’re asking $20.00 for this monster release, and that includes postage. Canadians, we need $25.00 US from you since it costs more to ship to you… and International folk, you get hit up for $32.00 US. Again, this includes postage (AIR MAIL) as we’re not offering Surface Mail for this due to too many damn international surface mail packages going missing. And to try to curb some of the rip-off assholes out there, Delivery Confirmation will be used on most (if not all) of the US orders. Just don’t email us in 2 days with “where is my order, it’s been 10 minutes!!!” Seriously, that sucks.

Ebay Scoundrels (and everyone else): we’re limiting the colored vinyl of 1 copy per person. If you want to order multiple version, feel free to do so… but please limit it to 1 copy of each version.

We’re only accepting PayPal payments for this, through our ONLINE STORE only (please don’t message us here about this record). eCheck people, you’re in the clear (even though you are a pain in the ass) assuming your eCheck clears of course. We will be shipping out the first wave of orders before this week’s end, and WE will write YOU when the package ships, so please just hold yer horses!

Now that we’ve gotten all the BS out of the way, how about some bigass PHOTOS of this beaut? Here’s some shots of the gatefold jacket, and then some of the vinyl that we have available:

What’s that, you want to stop looking and start ordering? Head on over to our ONLINE STORE while we blather on some more about the other rad new shit we got…

Remember a year or so ago when we started commissioning John Baizley from BARONESS to design some brutal t-shirts for us? Well either way, we’ve got a new one and it’s fucking awesome. No big surprise there, but the nice thing about this one is that we’re bringin’ it back with this awesome new design made for PIG DESTROYER! Yep, these grind lords let us make up these killer t-shirts for them since they’re not doing much touring right now as they’re hard at work on their next Relapse full-length. So far so good, and we’re stoked to keep the flame lit in the meantime with this burly new design. Check out this beast in action!

Holy shit, right? Longest post from us ever, right? There’s more… we got a mess of new stuff and restocks for the ONLINE STORE too:

* Battlemaster – “Cosmic Neutrality” CD-R (Self Released) – $7.00
* Blues Control – “Riverboat Styx” Cassette (Fuckittapes) – $6.00
* Code 13 – “Discography 1994-2000” CD (Havoc) – $8.00
* Giant Squid – “Metridium Fields” CD (The End) – $9.00
* Great Redneck Hope, The – “Behold The Fuck Thunder” CD (Thinker Thought) – $10.00
* Great Redneck Hope, The – “Splosion!” CD (Thinker Thought) – $10.00
* Gregor Samsa – “55:12” CD (The Kora) – $12.00
* Hirax – “The New Age of Terror” CD (Deep Six) – $8.00
* Holy Roman Empire – “Lost In Landscapes” CDep (Hewhocorrupts) – $8.00
* (Lone) Wolf And Cub – “May You Only See Sky” CDep (Hewhocorrupts) – $8.00
* Magrudergrind / Shitstorm – “Split” 12″ (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Man Is The Bastard – “Mancruel” CD (Deep Six) – $8.00
* Pageninetynine – “Document 7″ 12” (Magic Bullet) – $10.00
* Phobia – “Cruel” 12″ (Deep Six) – $9.00
* Phobia – “Means of Existence” PICTURE DISC 12″ (Deep Six) – $9.00
* Russian Circles – “Enter – SILVER VINYL” 12″ (Friction) – $12.00
* Shepards / Quintana Roo – “Split” Cassette (Fuckittapes) – $6.00
* Sinaloa – “Footprints on Floorboards” 12″ (Owsla) – $9.00
* Skitsystem – “Gra Varld, Svarta Tanakar” CD (Havoc) – $9.00
* Sparrows Swarm And Sing – “O Shenandoah, Mighty Death Will Find Me” CD (Magic Bullet) – $10.00
* Sparrows Swarm And Sing – “O Shenandoah Demos (Winter 2005-06)” Cassette (Magic Bullet) – $7.00
* Sword Heaven – “Fan Death” Cassette (Fuckittapes) – $6.00
* Textbook Traitors – “Vinyl Collections Vol. 1” CD (Magic Bullet) – $8.00
* Textbook Traitors – “You Pull The Strings That Make Us Dance” CD (Magic Bullet) – $8.00
* This Ship Will Sink – “You Are Precisely My Cup Of Tea” CDep (Magic Bullet) – $8.00
* This Will Destroy You – “Young Mountain” CD (Magic Bullet) – $10.00
* Thumbscrew – “Within Hearts Of Redemption” CDep (Imagine It) – $7.00
* Various Artists – “If It Plays…” CD (Thinker Thought) – $6.00
* Victims – “In Blood” CD (Havoc) – $8.00
* Wolfbrigade – “Progression / Regression” CD (Havoc) – $8.00

OK this seriously has to end sometime so… if any of this stuff rubs you the right way please just head on over to our ONLINE STORE and check it all out. We’re going to be hard at work packing orders for a hot minute so don’t be shocked if we’re a bit slow on the ol’ email / messages. Thanks for reading all this nonsense, peace!

MUNICIPAL WASTE – sweet exclusive T-Shirt design, available in many sizes!

So we’ve toured with MUNICIPAL WASTE a lot over the past couple years and have BARONESS‘ John Baizley doing a series of T-Shirts for the label, so it’s only natural that this pairing finally happened! Robotic Empire is proud to announce an exclusive, brand new T-Shirt design for Municipal Waste’s neo-classic tune “The Thrashin’ of The Christ” from their latest Hazardous Mutation album on Earache. Yes, they are obviously still an Earache band but it doesn’t mean the band isn’t making some seriously cool merch, and we’re stoked to have this design available for you.

We made a shitload of sizes, Youth Medium all the way through Double Extra Large, so hopefully peoples of all sizes can finally get the Waste shirt they’ve longed for. The print on this turned out absolutely amazing, and measures 11.5″ wide by 15.5″ tall, so it’s nice and BIG! A bigger version of the artwork itself can be seen by clicking here, but if you already know you want this bad motherfucker, it’s $15 POSTAGE PAID (by us) in the USA, and you can click here for all available sizes, ordering info and more details! Thanks/peace!

TORCHE – Self-Titled 12" LP and new T-Shirt now available! +new Robotic Empire T-Shirts

We are stoked to let you know that TORCHE‘s phenomenal Self-Titled album is now available on vinyl! We pressed 1200 copies of this badass debut: 130 of which are on “starburst” (orange w/ yellow streaks), 170 on opaque orange, and 900 copies on solid black.

For those who haven’t heard the glorious TORCHE just yet, they are a massively heavy band with gigantic, monolithic riffs accompanied by soaring, harmonized vocals. Simultaneously catchy and pummeling, these guys are truly a unique band in this overflowing world of independent heavy music. You can hear MP3s here or here too. Here are some photos of the colored vinyl:

…”starburst” …orange

We also just received the second in our series of awesome t-shirt designs from BARONESS guitarist/vocalist John Baizley, this time for TORCHE:

Forgive the crappyness of our digital camera, this thing is indeed beautiful in reality. You can check out a more detailed graphic of the artwork here. But yeah, as we said this is the second in the Baizley series and like his design for the Robotic Empire shirt, this is red and white ink on black 50/50 shirts (Fruit of the Loom this time) and the print is again MASSIVE. 15″ tall by 10″ wide of amazingly detailed artwork, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with for the Magrudergrind/Shitstorm split CD/LP artwork (to be released this fall).

We’re on a roll with new t-shirts, and got another label design printed up too:

This Love Virginia design is also printed on 50/50 Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts, available in two color schemes: yellow on “kelly” green, and red on “chocolate” brown. Check out the detail of the green version, and the brown version.

And finally, the new reissue of A LIFE ONCE LOST‘s breakthrough CDep The Fourth Plague: Flies is now available directly from us, two weeks prior to it’s official street date of August 9th. This is basically the same thing as the original, but with some really intricate and awesome new artwork from ISIS‘s Aaron Turner and some mastering tweaks from PIG DESTROYER‘s Scott Hull. For those who have never heard this release, but may already be familiar with the band, it’s an almost entirely different style and era of their existence, playing a pioneering blend of metal, hardcore and grind. Less math-metal than their new HUNTER album, this EP really helped put this Philly band on the map and they’ve worked hard to get where they are today (Ferret, SOTU, etc). We’re proud to have helped with the release this pivotal EP and highly encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.

Besides all of this awesome stuff, there have been some recent new additions and restocks from Gregor Samsa, Stop It!! and many non-Virginian bands as well. We have a LOT going on over the course of the next year so any and all orders are totally appreciated. Please check out our Online Store for all of the pricing and ordering info, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

ROBOTIC EMPIRE – First Label T-Shirt

We are proud to unleash Robotic Empire‘s first label t-shirt!! Designed by the mighty John Baizley of Baroness, this two color shirt is so insanely detailed we can hardly believe how awesome it turned out. The print is huge too, 15″ tall by 10″ wide, and all in all this thing is just AWESOME looking. These are printed on 50/50 Jerzees shirts and this is the first in a series of designs Mr. Baizley is doing for Robotic Empire!

This shirt costs $12.00 postage paid (in the US) and can be ordered through our Online Store. Sizes available are YL, S, M, L and XL. Also, you can click here for a closer detail of the artwork. Up next in the series: TORCHE