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NEON BASTARD debut out now (+giveaway), new RED SPAROWES and way more!

We’re excited to announce that a new Robotic Empire label release is now available, this time from New Zealand beasts NEON BASTARD! Meikhaus is the name of their album and CD is the circular format we’ve released it on. There’s 11 tracks within 22 minutes, so that should say something about the frenzied pace of this maniacal debut. We’re talkin furious punk, raging hardcore, stoney riffs, gritty noise rock and blasting powerviolence attacks.

Incidentally this is the second gnarly band from magical the land of kiwis that we’ve worked with, the first being last year’s crushing debut EP from DIAL, whom NEON BASTARD share a guitar player. Incestious yes, but damn good jams of a very different nature are found on Meikhaus. The first 50 brave orderers will also get a free 1″ NEON BASTARD button. Also: the first person to accurately guess what band (& release) NEON BASTARD have blatantly plagiarized on their album cover gets a FREE copy of said album!

* This is available now in the Robotic Empire – Online Store

* You can hear two tracks here, or possibly here (if you can find the player)

* Tracks from NEON BASTARD, DIAL and 16 others can be found now on our FREE Robotic Empire Label Sampler 2k10. Lil Jon approved!

Decibel Magazine was kind enough to give Meikhaus a nice little review too, found in the current issue with REFUSED on the cover. The detailed history of their landmark The Shape of Punk to Come album is a pretty good read as well. Pick that up here.

Beyond that overdue new label activity, we’ve also got a really solid update for the Robotic Empire – Online Store this week. Almost everything new is notable on some level, but standouts include the new PIZZA er… uh TEENS IN TROUBLE cassette (wtf name change / no more slices?!), new RED SPAROWES on both CD and vinyl, TAIGA import LP (Cliff from ISIS/RED SPAROWES/WINDMILLS BY THE OCEAN solo ambient glory), more imports and even more killer imports. Several screamo and doomy restocks as well, here ya go:


* Ancient VVisdom / Charles Manson – Split – 1-Sided GREY COLOREED VINYL 12″ (Withdrawl) $11.99

* Gnaw Their Tongues – L’arrivÈe De La Terne Mort Triomphante CD (Crucial Blast) $9.99

* Hot Cross – Risk Revival – YELLOW COLORED VINYL 12″ (Destructure) $16.99

* Knut – Wonder 12″ (Conspiracy) $13.99

* Knut – Wonder CD (Conspiracy) $12.99

* Lords – F’ All Y’all Motherf’rs – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Destructure) $17.99

* Neon Bastard – Meikhaus CD (Robotic Empire) $5.99

* Reaching Away – Push Away The Moon 12″ (McMurtrey) $10.99

* Red Sparowes – The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer 12″ (Conspiracy) $14.99

* Red Sparowes – The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer CD (Conspiracy) $12.99

* Summer Pledge – You Are You 12″ (Self Released) $7.99

* Taiga – Hsheal 12″ (Conspiracy) $14.99

* Teens In Trouble [aka Pizza] – Self-Titled Cassette (Self Released) $4.99

* Wolves In The Throne Room – Black Cascade – PICTURE DISC VINYL 2×12″ (Conspiracy) $25.99


* A Day In Black And White / Golden Birds – Split 7″ (Paranoid) $4.99

* Amanda Woodward – Meurt La Soif – BROWN COLORED VINYL 7″ (Paranoid) $4.99

* Geisha – Die Verbrechen Der Liebe CD (Crucial Blast) $5.99

* Geisha – Mondo Dell’Orrore CD (Crucial Blast) $7.99

* Giants – Old Stories – SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12″ (Cavity) $9.99

* Hot Cross – Risk Revival – ORANGE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Paranoid) $16.99

* Hot Cross / The Holy Shroud – Split – PICTURE DISC 7″ (Paranoid) $5.99

* Kowloon Walled City – Turk Street – RED BLACK HAZE COLORED VINYL 10″ (Wordclock) $7.99

* Lords / Karysun – Split – RED COLORED VINYL 10″ (Destructure) $16.99

* Monarch – Dead Men Tell No Tales 2xCD (Crucial Blast) $9.99

* Nadja – Desire In Uneasiness CD (Crucial Blast) $9.99

* Souvenirs Young America – An Ocean Without Water CD (Crucial Blast) $7.99

Also worth noting is our insane-o blowout sale on some Robo catalog titles (plus a few others recently discounted). Get em while they’re cheap!

* A Life Once Lost – Open Your Mouth For The Speechless CD $.99

* A Life Once Lost – The Fourth Plague: Flies CDep $.99

* An Albatross – London: Live! Test Press Version – COLORED VINYL 12″ $19.99

* An Albatross – London: Live! – COLORED VINYL 12″ $12.99

* A Storm Of Light / Nadja – Primitive North [split] – PHOSPHORESCENCE COLORED VINYL 2×12″+CD $16.99

* Bad Secrets – Self-Titled – 9″+CD ALL VINYL VERSIONS – $9.99

* Big Business – Mind The Drift – BLACK VINYL 12″ $19.99

* Black Cross – Sink, Knives and Chrome CDep $4.99

* Black Cross – Severance Pays CD $8.99

* Cannabis Corpse – Tube Of The Resinated 12″ *ALL VINYL VERSIONS* $11.99

* Capsule – Self-Titled (Tape + Demo + Tour + More) 12″ *ALL VINYL VERSIONS* $10.99

* Clouds – We Are Above You – 2×12″+CD $14.99

* Coliseum – Goddamage CD $5.99

* Ghastly City Sleep – Self-Titled 12″ *ALL VINYL VERSIONS* $9.99

* Hewhocorrupts – Midi of Profits USB Bracelet $12.99

* Pelican / These Arms Are Snakes – Split – BLACK VINYL 10″ $9.99

* Thou – Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For – BLACK VINYL 12″ $10.99

* Tideland – Asleep In The Graveyard 12″ ALL VINYL VERSIONS $9.99

* Tideland – Pancake – T-Shirt ALL SIZES $9.99

* Torche – Bear – T-Shirt ALL SIZES $10.99

* Torche – In Return – ”Flies’ T-Shirt ALL SIZES $10.99

* Torche – In Return – 10″+CD ALL VINYL VERSIONS $11.99

* Torche – Possessed – T-Shirt ALL SIZES $10.99

* Versoma – Life During Wartime 12″ ALL VINYL VERSIONS $4.99

Thanks for checking out this latest update, peace!

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"punishing heavy riffage" (aka, more DIAL press content & band update!)

“Tali Williams scorched-earth vocals – grips you by the collar and shakes… a math-rock dirge with punishing heavy riffage.”

Yet another posi DIAL review (read the whole thing here). This New Zealand outfit’s near-unanimous praise amongst audio-heathens only fuels the excitement about what they’re cooking up next. Quote the band themselves:

“In terms of playing – we were always a band that cared more about getting material together we were happy with than maintaining a live presence. This coupled with no solid practice space, wanting to learn how to record our own material and refreshing and re-formatting to a non-rock format that doesn’t require a drummer (and all the upskilling that requires while being very busy people) has meant that it has taken a while, yes, but we are all stronger musicians because of it and the depth of the music has increased as a result. We are hoping for a return towards the end of the year and another release shortly after.”

There you have it, DIAL is definitely working on more material, and we can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in store! In the meantime, please consider picking up their debut EP in our Online Store. Its only 5 bucks and has been getting glowing reviews galore (click here for proof). Still haven’t heard them? Two tracks from the EP are streamable here. Thanks.

UPDATE 09/11/09:
Just found another killer review, this time a somewhat profane one from our old brethren of Crucial Blast…

“Not to be confused with the avant-rock band Dial that arose from the ashes of Jacqui Ham’s influential no-wave group UT, this Dial is from New Zealand and carries a way bigger stick, weilding their grinding, midpaced metallic noise rock like a studded club smashing through skulls and pulping brains and leaving me altogether kinda winded after this disc’s nineteen minutes are up. Damn! These guys first released this five song EP as a demo a while back, but it’s now reissued on disc for the rest of the world thanks to those fine folks at Robotic Empire. Dig Am Rep? Drool over the neo-pigfuck/noise rock sound of bands like Hex Machine and Black Elk and the like as hard as I do? Well then, yer going to fucking LOVE THIS. Each one of these jams takes some old school hardcore riffage and pares it down to a ultra-distorted, hypnotic block of super-distorted punishment and proceeds to bulldoze yer face with it for a good three-to-five minutes. The drumming is so goddamn heavy it shakes the speakers, a massive, bludgeoning industrial Swans-style grind, the drummer hammering the skins in controlled slow motion precision, while vocalist Natalia Williams goes completely nuts, her high pitched snarl sounding like she’s ready to slit your fucking throat and leave you to drain out in the gutter, you motherfucker, while angular crush and darkly poetic lyrics rain down and the onward machine pound of Dial’s music just hammers you deeper into the filth. One of the most ferocious debuts I’ve heard, like some hyperheavy fusion of Rusted Shut and Unsane and Filth-era Swans, which means ultra recommended.”


"an incredibly intense sonic experience" (aka, more DIAL press content)

DIAL - Natalie tali Williams photo“this is crazy chaotic female fronted math grind metal craziness that RULES” – Aquarius

Aquarius Records didn’t say much more, but they pretty much hit the nail on the head. We’ve scoured the world wide interhole and came across a few more positive DIAL mentions this week:

“regardless of who exactly they sound like, what they sound like is pretty damn good indeed” – the UK’s Collective Zine (click to read the whole thing)

“From the get–go, this EP is a punishing affair. Heavily distorted guitars, anguished vocals and powerful rhythms combine to create an incredibly intense sonic experience. The soundscapes draw from hardcore and metal but to label this as metalcore would be unfair. This EP represents something more powerful than either.” – DIAL‘s native New Zealand Punk As website (click to read the whole thing)

Still skeptical? Don’t believe the hype? Preview two tracks from the EP on DIAL‘s myspace page.

In celebration of these favorable reviews (and just for the hell of it) we’ve knocked a buck off this ferocious DIAL debut for the next 2 days only. Get it for $3.99 (instead of $4.99) now in our Online Store. Thanks!

"an excitingly intense debut – hopefully just the tip of the iceberg from these ear-splitting juggernauts" (aka, DIAL press content)

The first-ever New Zealand review of one of our releases (that we know of) is thankfully positive, and we gotta hand it to DIAL themselves for hooking this one up:

Big ups to Real Groove Magazine for the kind words.

We’ve been hollering about the beast known only as DIAL for the last few months now… but if you still haven’t checked out this kiwi monster, please do us a favor and jam a couple of tracks here.

We’re selling their debut CDep for only five bucks, and its available now in our Online Store.

BAD SECRETS – Self-Titled 9"+CD now available (member of YOUNG WIDOWS), "coaster pack" giveaways and Online Store updates!

Only two months late… not too shabby! In reality though, this BAD SECRETS 9″+CD release has seen several major delays and seemed almost cursed at times. Throughout three breakups of people involved in this project (including two divorces) this little beast has somehow pushed through, so we’re very relieved to finally have this release in our hands… and for camp Robo to have survived unscathed (sorry guys).

Beyond finally shedding this bad juju, BAD SECRETS debut 9″+CD release turned out pretty awesome. Two-color silk-screened covers, custom 9″ records, ridiculous color vinyl, CD of the same jams included, etc, etc. Musically it’s a cross between pinnacle shoegazer stuff and lo-fi, psyched out blues… brought to you by folks from YOUNG WIDOWS / BREATHER RESIST and KODAN ARMADA.

All in all we’re very happy with how this turned out in the end, and have posted the first track off this sumnabitch on our myspace page.

* 200 copies of “evil eye” (red / white mix with 1 black “planet” insert)
* 200 copies of “pie chart” (tri-blend split of three different pinks)
* 600 copies of “metallic red” (custom “metallic” pinkish-red color)

Please check out this release (and way more) in our Robotic Empire – Online Store

During these stupid economic times we’ve been trying to get creative with sales and deals and that kinda thing, to keep things interesting at least. Well this month our shtick is free “coaster packs” for all orders of $30 and more.

Pirates Press was kind enough to send us a small pile of “coasters” made out of some error/damaged vinyl that can result during production. These cut-down vinyl “coasters” are made out of the center label artwork, and a small amount of surrounding vinyl. A variety of different coasters are included in each pack from TORCHE, BAD SECRETS, A STORM OF LIGHT and NADJA. We’ll be including these coaster packs with all Online Store orders over $30 until we run out of them. Perfect for your favorite beverage of varying alcohol percentage, or otherwise!

Hot on the heels of the badass ENEMY SOIL review that Decibel Magazine juiced us up with… a killer review of the new DIAL EP! Decibel has been hooking it up for years, but we’re especially pumped that they gave this DIAL release a 9 / 10 review! The whole thing can be read here.

We’re particularly stoked about this DIAL CDep and are really happy with the nearly unanimous positive press it’s received thus far. If you haven’t heard this New Zealand monster yet, you can listen to a few tracks on their myspace page, and pick up the release for just 5 bucks in our Online Store.

Beyond all this Robotic Empire-related activity, we’ve had a pretty killer slew of new releases & restocks hit our mailorder operation this week. Richmond brethren The Perpetual Motion Machine hooked us up with color vinyl copies of their new releases (ANCIENT SKY, THE CATALYST, LITANY FOR THE WHALE, etc) and it looks like we’re the only distro besides them that got these stellar releases on colored wax. Also some rad new stuff from ACROSS TUNDRAS, Square Of Opposition/Dead Format Cassettes (including a vinyl release of the LICKGOLDENSKY demo – w t f?), HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, a few screamo restocks and more…

* Across Tundras – Lonesome Wails From The Weeping Willow CD (Forgotten Empire) $7.99
* Across Tundras – Western Sky Ride CD (Saw Her Ghost) $7.99
* Ancient Sky – Self-Titled – BLACK VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Ancient Sky – Self-Titled – CLEAR WITH PINK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Ancient Sky – Self-Titled – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Auryn / Bosque – Split 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $4.99
* Bad Secrets – Self-Titled – EVIL EYE COLORED VINYL 9″+CD (Robotic Empire $13.99
* Bad Secrets – Self-Titled – METALLIC RED COLORED VINYL 9″+CD (Robotic Empire $13.99
* Bad Secrets – Self-Titled – PIE CHART COLORED VINYL 9″+CD (Robotic Empire $13.99
* Brown Recluse Sings – Selected Hymns Of The Evening Tapestry Cassette (Dead Format) $4.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth CD (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $7.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth – BLACK VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth – GRIMACE PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth – RED BLACK COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Comadre – A Wolf Ticket CD (Blood Town) $7.99
* Frog Eyes – The Golden River – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Happy Home) $7.99
* Hummingbird of Death – Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD (To Live A Lie) $8.99
* Lickgoldensky – Demo – ORANGE COLORED VINYL 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $6.99
* Lickgoldensky – Demo – PINK COLORED VINYL 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $6.99
* Litany For The Whale – Dolores – COKE BOTTLE CLEAR WITH BLACK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Litany For The Whale – Dolores – RED WITH BLACK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Litany For The Whale – Dolores – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Masato Tanaka / Pocket Gallows – Split 12″ (Square Of Opposition) $9.99
* Mischief Brew – Boiling Breakfast Early Cassette (Dead Format) $4.99
* Oktober Skyline / Get To The Chopper – Split 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $4.99
* Paramedic – Demo 2008 Cassette (Dead Format) $4.99
* Souvenir’s Young America / City Of Ships – Split – AMBER MARBLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Souvenir’s Young America / City Of Ships – Split – BLACK BROWN COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Souvenir’s Young America / City Of Ships – Split – DARK RED MARBLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Yo Man Go – Life Lessons 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $4.99

* Alcest – Souvenirs D’Un Autre Monde – BROWN COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hyperrealist) $14.99
* Comadre – The Youth CD (Blood Town) $7.99
* Gods & Queens – Untitled CASSETTE (Dead Format) $4.99
* Snack Truck – Harpoon CD (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $7.99
* South, The / Hypatia – Split 12″ *VINYL* (Square of Opposition) $7.99
* Sparrows Swarm And Sing – Untitled #2 CD (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99

* Blues – Snakepit – BLACK BEER COLORED VINYL 12″ (1912) $14.99
* Blues – Snakepit – OPAQUE BROWN BEER COLORED VINYL 12″ (1912) $14.99

Phew! Pretty substantial update this time, and really excited to finally have a NEW VINYL RELEASE available as well after so many re-presses and re-issues. Everyone please give the BAD SECRETS 9″+CD a chance, as its a crazy release to say the least! Peace.

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"This is a capable band, confident beyond its years. Most demos don’t display this level of power." (aka, more press love for DIAL)

The press response for DIAL‘s debut EP has been overwhelmingly positive so far. A couple more reviews just came in…

The members of New Zealand’s Dial probably grew up during the peak of AmRep. … True to the form, Dial don’t integrate much variety into songs. The rhythm section anchors throbbing tempos. Guitars grind along with shrieked vocals. The lockstep, stuttering opener “If You’re Not Battling, You’re Dead” sets the tone with machine-like pounding that sounds like it was wound in barbed wire. … This is a capable band, confident beyond its years. Most demos don’t display this level of power.
Read the whole INVISIBLE ORANGES review here

Dial’s demo-turned-debut-EP is an excellent start. It’s heavy, pissed off, and noisy in some of the best ways possible. … Dial is Unsane heavier, The Jesus Lizard with less guitar lines and more riffs, and the Melvins more pissed off all rolled into one. Few new bands have this much potential, so I want more. A lot more.
Read the whole LAMBGOAT review here

Decibel Magazine review in the next issue too! Stoked to see what they have to say.

To anyone who’s now convinced DIAL is worth checking out, we’ve got this debut EP available for just $4.20 until the end of the month. Please pick up a copy in our Online Store. Haven’t heard them yet? Jam a couple tracks on our myspace page.

John Peel’s son likes DIAL, plays a couple tracks on the BBC!

The legendary and influential British radio DJ John Peel has a son, Tom Ravenscroft, who filled in for someone else at the BBC6 over the weekend… and he played two tracks from DIAL‘s debut EP:

Friday: 0:37.33 = “Sweating”

Saturday: 0:32.59 = “If You’re Not Battling, You’re Dead”

Quote the man himself: “very very good, indeed” and we couldn’t really agree more! He also called Robotic Empire a “lovely” label. Too cool.

The DIAL debut CDep is on sale for $4.20 until the end of the month. Please check it out in our Online Store!

"do you prefer to drill epileptic blows the mind?"

Google Translator rules… turned this DIAL review into this:

-Dial “Dial”

I must admit that my only prior experience with New Zealand music (at least to remember at this time) is through the brilliant Shiha, a large banda totally recommended for those who enjoy the quality of Grunge. The Dial (even if the connections are obvious nineties) passes the other. This debut ep is just the demo of the trio now reissued by Robotic Empire, and it will find the five most sick, violent and oppressive Noise-Rock. And, while maintaining this level for me to continue. So, do you want to leak distorted guitar riffs and vomit as thick as dissonant? Do seek the dizzying pace of Shellac? Or do you prefer to drill epileptic blows the mind? Are they wet just thinking about bombacha of pure feedback thrown ball with the precision timing of a machine gun? Are you looking for a female voice completely deranged, broken and hysterical? And prefer accompanied by male chorus in the form of wild screams? And what they tell me that under inducing diarrhea each immediate intervention? Ok, we have references, as appropriate. Unsane, The Jesus Lizard, Shellac mentioned, Helmet, Silvefish (the indispensable reference for any of the banda genre with a girl in front), as crude Neurosis and even some of the unrestrained violence of gangs or Deadguy such as Rorschach, pioneers in So bring on the Noise-Rock Hardcore heavier. But none of those names achieves promising obscure the personality of the group. And certainly the fact that the songs are similar in intensity and exhibits psychosis desencajada helps. Check (one more time. … Are) the heaviest and most extreme music this is not Metal.
Not too shabby (we think). To celebrate, all $4.99 items in our Online Store (including the DIAL CDep… and almost every 7″ & cassette tape we carry) are now discounted to $4.20 until the end of the month. ¡Olé!