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Pig Destroyer unveil long lost track & collection album reissue

Pig Destroyer - CBGBs

We are stoked to announce announce the deluxe reissue of Virginia grind outfit Pig Destroyer‘s “Painter of Dead Girls” collection album, fully remastered and expanded with additional audio, additional artwork, archival photos and long-lost lyrics. Showcasing the band at their most primal (as a then-bassless power trio) these recordings capture the varied sounds of an envelope-pushing, borderline feral outfit.

In the leadup to this deluxe reissue, a largely unheard yet definitive version of their late-90s demo-era track ‘Delusional Supremacy’ is now streaming via Noisey:


With a sonically massive rendering, ‘Delusional Supremacy 2K’ was previously found only on an obscure early-00’s sampler, unavailable widespread until now. This blistering PxDx deep cut is finally given proper attention, and is unlocked within the “Painter of Dead Girls (Deluxe Edition)” digital pre-orders, as well as streaming as a standalone single via Spotify:




The vinyl version of “Painter of Dead Girls (Deluxe Edition)” is also available now for pre-order in the Robotic Empire – Online Store, including a limited color vinyl option.

Finally available again on vinyl after over a decade of unavailability, the first half of this collection was initially tracked as an equipment burn-in test during the millineal year leading up to Pig Destroyer self-recording their seminal “Prowler In The Yard” full-length. The secondary bulk of the material initially yielded their most sonically powerful recordings at the time, put to tape in the late 1990’s at Oblivion Studios (pg.99, Enemy Soil, etc).

Rounding out this expanded edition of “Painter of Dead Girls” is a raw mosh basement live recording of ‘Rejection Fetish’, along with a truly bludgeoning cover of Helmet‘s ‘In The Meantime’ complimenting the existing Dwarves and Stooges covers. With 19 blistering tracks in total all meticulously remastered by James Plotkin, this key piece of the Pig Destroyer catalog looks and sounds better than ever.

The original album artwork by Chris Taylor has been extended into a beautiful gatefold jacket with added metallic silver highlights. Newly created extra artwork adornes the interior, along with recently unearthed lyrics to all the PxDx songs found on “Painter of Dead Girls”, printed in full for the first time ever. A double-sided photo collage innersleeve houses the vinyl, containing classic photos from the era surrounding these recordings. The digital download versions includes a PDF booklet of these elements.

The vinyl version includes a full digital download of the album, and Pig Destroyer‘s classic “Painter of Dead Girls” collection is finally done justice on this deluxe edition release.

In a feature last year, Vice called Pig Destroyer “one of the most influential American grindcore bands” and frontman J.R. Hayes a “lyrical genius”. Commenting on the new reissue, Hayes states:

“Painter of Dead Girls is a record that really benefits from being on vinyl and the crushing new mastering job by James Plotkin makes it sound better than ever. This record combines the two EPs (split with Benumb and split with Gnob) that we released right before Prowler in the Yard. The material for the Benumb split was written in a couple days and recorded in one quick session the weekend before we recorded Prowler, and once we did that album, we kind of forgot about these two EPs, which is a shame, ’cause I think this might be some of our most vicious stuff. Fast-forward a couple months and somebody smashes my car window and steals my backpack, which contains a bunch of my notebooks. Talk about depressing. I thought the lyrics for the Benumb split were gone, and I never bothered to sit down and try to figure them out again.

Fast-forward a few years and Robotic Empire is compiling Painter of Dead Girls for its original CD release. Andy asks for the lyrics and I’m like [tugging at shirt collar] ‘Uh… about that…’ I mean, it’s one thing to not print the lyrics on purpose, but who doesn’t even know their own lyrics? It was kind of embarrassing. Fast-forward to a couple years ago, and I discover a stash of forgotten notebooks while I’m moving. Pinned inside one, I find a crumpled sheet that has most of the lyrics for the Benumb split, and this inspires me to actually sit down and figure the rest of them out. Fast-forward to now, and here they are, in print for the first time ever, along with some brand-new artwork from my favorite artist Chris “Crude” Taylor and first-class packaging courtesy of renowned music pimp Andy Low and the Robotic Empire. I can’t wait to hold one of these babies in my grubby hands.

Long live Grind. And Virginia.”









New cassette from PALMS (members of ISIS and DEFTONES), plus distro items in our Online Store

We are stoked to announce that the debut from PALMS (comprised of 3/5ths of ISIS with Chino Moreno from DEFTONES on vocals) has just been released on cassette by Robotic Empire!

Lush and ethereal, the six songs PALMS deliver on their first offering combine strengths from each of the aforementioned bands without resting on laurels. Plentiful amounts of bliss and beauty merge with just the right level of heavy, yielding a brilliant balance that comes from longtime veterans of cutting-edge music.

Ipecac has released the CD and vinyl for PALMS stunning debut, and Robotic Empire is thrilled to present this cassette edition with a bonus demo version of “Short Wave Radio” included. A full-color, double-sided J-card sleeve houses the white cassette with full color sticker labels. This was pressed in an edition of 275 copies.

* Preview the track “Patagonia” at Soundcloud
* Order PALMS‘ cassette at the Robotic Empire – Online Store

This comes hot on the heels of launching pre-orders for our reissue of ISIS Celestial 2xLP just two weeks ago. The first few waves of pre-orders have now shipped, and our mailorder buddy Jesse photobombed this batch upon send-off:

We’ve still got some color vinyl left (although “Swarm” is getting low) and you can pick up ISIS Celestial 2xLP now in the Robotic Empire – Online Store.

Beyond those new releases, we’ve had a handful of other new items and restocks added to our Online Store for this update:

* Across Tundras / Lark’s Tongue – Split – RED COLORED VINYL 12″ (Cavity) $13.99
* Aidan Baker – Broken & Remade 12” (Revolvermann) $12.99
* Ampersphere / Colaris – Split – CLEAR BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Revolvermann) $12.99
* Bottomfeeder – Demo 2012 Cassette (Born Dead) $5.50
* Bottomfeeder – Two Minutes Hate – COLORED VINYL 12″ (Born Dead) $15.99
* Bottomfeeder – Two Minutes Hate Cassette (Born Dead) $7.99
* Colaris – Renewal – COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Revolvermann) $23.99
* Palms – Self-Titled Cassette (Robotic Empire) $7.99

A lot more was added the last time around, which is substantial enough to reiterate:

* American Heritage – Sedentary 12″ (Solar Flare) $14.99
* Annihilation Time – II 12″ (Tank Crimes) $9.99
* Baroness – Yellow & Green 2×12″ (Relapse) $19.99
* Black Tusk – Set The Dial 12″ (Relapse) $14.99
* Botch – American Nervoso 2×12″ (Hydra Head) $19.99
* Centuries – Broken Hymns 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $11.99
* Chelsea Wolfe – Apokalypsis 12″ (Pendu) $18.99
* Constants – If Tomorrow The War 12″ (Science of Science) $16.99
* Cough / Windhand – Reflection of the Negative – BLACK GREY SWIRL COLORED VINYL 12″ (Relapse) $12.99
* Hull – Viking Funeral – Ox Blood w/ BLACK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Science of Science) $29.99
* Inter Arma – Sky Burial 2×12″ (Relapse) $19.99
* Isis – Celestial – BLACK VINYL 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) $22.99
* Isis – Celestial – SUN YELLOW COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) $22.99
* Isis – Celestial – SWARM YELLOW COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) $22.99
* Isis – Celestial – MARBLED YELLOW COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Robotic Empire) $22.99
* Kicker – Not You 12″ (Tank Crimes) $10.99
* Momentum – Herbivore 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $11.99
* Monolith / Voyager – Split 12″ (Science of Science) $8.99
* Pig Destroyer – Book Burner – 180 GRAM VINYL 12″ (Relapse) $12.99
* Sofy Major – Idolize 12″ (Solar Flare) $14.99
* Tideland – Lull 12″ (Sterling) $9.99
* Tideland – Lull – SILVER COLORED VINYL 12″ (Sterling) $9.99
* Vitamin X – About to Crack 12″ (Tank Crimes) $10.99
* Watertank – Sleepwalk 12″ (Solar Flare) $14.99
* Year Of No Light – Vampry 2×12″ (Music Fear Satan) $19.99

* Baroness – Blue 2×12″ (Relapse) $19.99
* Baroness – Red 2×12″ (Relapse) $19.99
* Cough – Ritual Abuse 2×12″ – BLUE COLORED VINYL (Relapse) $19.99
* Daitro – Cendresdes Cendres, Je Me Consume 10″ – BLACK VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $10.99
* Doomriders – Black Thunder 12″ – COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $14.99
* Ghoul – Transmission Zero 12″ – COLORED VINYL (Tank Crimes) $9.99
* Glaciers – And The Sea Won The Battle 12″ – CLEAR BLUE SWIRL COLORED VINYL (Self Released) $14.99
* JK Flesh / Pruient – Worship Is the Cleansing of the Imagination 12″ (Hydra Head) $15.99
* Jodis – Secret House 2×12″ – GREEN PEACH COLORED VINYL (Hydra Head) $24.99
* Kayo Dot – Blue Lambency Downward 12″ – MAROON COLORED VINYL (Hydra Head) $14.99
* Kicking Spit – Psychrockbullshit 12″ – WHITE COLORED VINYL (Tank Crimes) $9.99
* Kongh – Shadows Of The Shapeless 2×12″ (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
* Pygmy Lush – Mount Hope 12″ – 180 GRAM VINYL (Lovitt) $14.99
* Pygmy Lush – Mount Hope 12″ – CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Lovitt) $14.99
* Pygmy Lush – Mount Hope 12″ – RED COLORED VINYL (Lovitt) $14.99
* Torche – Harmonicraft 12″ – CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Volcom) $14.99
* Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt 2×12″ – BLACK VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99

Lots of good stuff across a variety of genres! Check out the Robotic Empire – Online Store for all this and heaps more.

Thanks & peace!

-Team Robo