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30-track Free “Blood” Mixtape + rad Online Store update

Blood Mixtape Cover420

We have just released a 30-track free mixtape called “Blood”, comprised entirely of Robotic Empire label alumni’s newest material. There’s over 20 previously unreleased tracks, which winds up being the debut release of a lot of artists’ new/side/solo projects, and we’re extremely happy to be presenting this to you today.

You can download/stream “Blood” free now via Bandcamp and/or stream Soundcloud:



To elaborate a bit, we’ve been a label for 15 years now and to celebrate we decided to assemble a unique kind of release – where the primary focus is what’s going on with the amazing musicians we’ve worked with over the years, be it their latest material, an unreleased b-side, or the unexpected solo/side project’s latest stuff. When we started contacting bands the response was overwhelmingly positive, and ver about a two-month material the project snowballed, turning into the free 30 track beast before you!

There are contributions from repeat offenders TORCHE, TILTS, PYGMYLUSH, HOLLOW SUNSHINE, TIDELAND and ALPACA, this sampler also spotlights a swath of new material from members of historic Robo bands PG.99, DAUGHTERS, ISIS, CAPSULE, RED SPAROWES, CRESTFALLEN, YOUNG WIDOWS, STOP IT!!, DIAL, ULTRA DOLPHINS, A STORM OF LIGHT, VERSE EN COMA and many more. The full lineup and tracklisting for “Blood” is as follows:

1. Torche – Andy Low *
2. Passing Phases – In The Dark, In The Fire *
3. The Ar-Kaics – No, No, No
4. Tideland – Let Me In *
5. Big No – Turn It On *
6. Taiga – Excelsius *
7. Tilts – Thomas Jefferson II
8. Gull – Susquehannd (Cut) *
9. Christian Blunda – Faraway *
10. Hollow Sunshine – Stay Down
11. Big Hush – Wholes *
12. Snacktruck – Miracle Ball *
13. Wrong – Call It *
14. Decades/Failures – Blank Clocks *
15. Jaye Jayle – Space Girl *
16. Alpaca – Dark Lands
17. Society – Sympathised
18. Mustard Gas and Roses – The Hard Road *
19. Some Stranger – Cosmic Dust (Call 911)) *
20. Hell Night – Black Hornet
21. Chris Taylor – Train of Thought *
22. Crooked Son – Hum *
23. Medusa – Crack & Bleed
24. Nicholas Sadler – You Don’t Know Where You Are Anymore
25. Idolands – Back Pocket *
26. Ancient Sky – Mistakes *
27. Light Yourself on Fire – Get Got *
28. A Storm of Light – Effigy *
29. Howling Void – The Moaning Ache of a Time on the Edge of Collapse *
30. Pygmy Lush – Serve the Servants (Acoustic Demo) *

* denotes previously unreleased

Worth elaborating on is the lead track from TORCHE, oddly-enough named after Robotic Empire’s label founder. Steve Brooks from the band had the following comment in response to this:

“This is a lost track we recorded for the “Songs for Singles” record in 2010. We weren’t completely satisfied with how it turned out and planned on rewriting it one day. One of the riffs got used in “Letting Go” (Harmonicraft). It’s a tune I kinda forgot about until Andy Low (pack rat) sent us a copy asking if we’d be into having this on his new comp. Sure, why not? If it wasn’t for Mr Low, Rick and I wouldn’t have met, Torche might not have existed and who knows where we’d all be today? We decided to call the song “Andy Low” to make him uncomfortable/feel strange about his name as a song title AND because we love the hell out of him. “Andy Low” is for our boy Andy Low/Robodog/Robotic Empire Records. Enjoy!”

Quote label founder Andy Low on assembling this release:

“I’m truly humbled and fairly weirded-out to have a song named after me. But far more importantly, I’m blown away by the sheer talent that surrounds this free ‘mixtape’ release. Every song included amazes me in some manner, and the culmination of all this material gives me the same kind of excitement I felt on the cusp of releasing our most influential records over the years.

If you can, please take the time to check out the full release, especially the songs by bands you haven’t heard before. It was sequenced with a classic mixtape feel in mind, and set to flow as best it can with such a wide variety of material! With two tracks for each year of the label’s existence, there is a plethora of great new tunes lurking in here, which I hope you’ll find and enjoy.

A genuine and hearty thankyou is due to every artist who is a part of this, it means the world to be celebrating 15 years as a label with such amazing musicians, and their projects past, present and future!”

The “Blood” mixtape can be downloaded now for FREE via Robotic Empire’s bandcamp page, or streamed in full via Soundcloud:



In addition, we’ve also had a great round of new items come into our Online Store:

* Acid King – III 12″ – COLORED VINYL (Kreation) $11.99
* Anti Ritual – Self-Titled 12″ (Vendetta) $9.99
* Argentinum Astrum – Malleus Maleficarum 12″ (Forcefield) $9.99
* Barn Owl – Ancestral Star 12″ (Thrill Jockey) $16.99
* Bastard Sapling – Dragged From Our Restless Trance 12″ – GREY COLORED VINYL (Forcefield) $9.99
* Body, The – Christs, Redeemers 2×12″ (Thrill Jockey) $16.99
* Catalyst, The – Voyager 12″ – ORANGE COLORED VINYL (Forcefield) $9.99
* Code Orange Kids – I Am King 12″ (Deathwish) $10.99
* Cold World – How The Gods Chill – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Deathwish) $10.99
* Converge – Axe To Fall 12″ – WHITE COLORED VINYL (Deathwish) $10.99
* Cult Leader – Nothing For Us Here 12″ (Deathwish) $9.99
* Doomriders – Darkness Come Alive 12″ – BLACK VINYL (Deathwish) $9.99
* Doomriders – Grand Blood 12″ (Deathwish) $9.99
* Expo 70 / Plankton Wat – Split 12″ (Debacle) $9.99
* Forn – The Departure Of Consciousness 12″ (Vendetta) $9.99
* Godflesh – Self-Titled -TEST PRESS VINYL 12″ $39.99
* Graves At Sea – Documents Of Greif 12″ – PICTURE DISC VINYL (Kreation) $11.99
* Moloch – Possession 12″ – BLACK VINYL (Vendetta) $9.99
* Music Blues – Things Haven’t Gone Well 2×12″ (Thrill Jockey) $16.99
* Nachtmystium – Demise 12″ – PURPLE SILVER COLORED VINYL (Kreation) $11.99
* Oozing Wound – Retrash 12″ (Thrill Jockey) $14.99
* Protestant – In Thy Name 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $10.99
* Soft Pink Truth, The – Why Do The Heathen Rage? 12″ (Thrill Jockey) $9.99
* Touche Amore – Is Survived By 12″ (Deathwish) $9.99
* Trap Them – Seizures In Barren Praise 12″ – BLACK VINYL (Deathwish) $11.99
* Whitehorse / Negative Standards – Split 12″ (Vendetta) $9.99
* Whitehorse – Fire To Light The Way / Everything Ablaze 12″ (Vendetta) $9.99
* Windhand – Self-Titled 12″ – ORANGE COLORED VINYL (Forcefield) $9.99
* Wovenhand – Refractory Obdurate – GREEN COLORED VINYL 12″ (Deathwish) $10.99
* Wrekmeister Harmonies – You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me 12″ (Thrill Jockey) $14.99
* Yautja – Songs of Descent 12″ (Forcefield) $9.99
* Young And In The Way – When Life Comes To Death 12″ (Deathwish) $10.99
* Zoroaster – Self-Titled 12″ (Kreation) $11.99

You can check out all of that and heaps more at http://www.roboticempire.com/store

Big ups & JAH BLESS! – Team Robo

New ALPACA digital EP, TILTS and THOU vinyl, plus t-shirts and more

Los Angeles / New York duo ALPACA today release their sophomore offering, a four song EP titled Post Empire.

Recorded throughout 2013 and 2014, the two man electronic/rock outfit comprised of Allen Blickle and Justin Nuckols explore a slightly darker territory on their latest effort. While retaining the catchy elements ALPACA established on their debut album Demimonde, there’s increased melancholy compared to the breakout debut last year. The proggy sensibilities are more apparent in the less-conventional song structures, and a haunting dissonance balances this new material’s impressive impact.

Blickle’s bombastic and technical drumming style that he grew throughout his tenure with rock group BARONESS shines bright on the harder groove tracks, while Nuckols’ at times ethereal guitar style and vocal performances resonate further maturity on the duo’s new work.

Comments Blickle on the release, “Post Empire in essence portrays a present picture of our personalities musically and contextually. Exploring new territory for every record we work on is what excites us to move forward in our musical relationship.”

The Post Empire EP is now available digitally worldwide via iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and others.

On the opposite end of the format spectrum, THOU‘s monster 12″ EP, The Sacrifice, from earlier this year has just been re-pressed. Quickly blowing out when it landed late spring, this tidy beast returns to wax in all its tip-on jacket / 180-gram vinyl glory! Comprised of five burly tracks recorded during the Heathen album sessions, the 25 minutes of The Sacrifice offers some of the band’s most condensed work to date, eschewing the crawl found on most of their long-players and upping the tempo a bit while retaining their revered doom and roar.

Several new bludgeoners (“New Orleans Is a Hole,” “Pill,” and “Eulogy”) are joined with the masterful drone of “I Believe Because It Is Impossible” and, per usual, a ferocious NIRVANA cover, this time putting “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die” through their apocalyptic grinder. Accompanying the 45 RPM heavyweight clear vinyl 12″ is a high quality digital download included, where THOU once again presents the thunder with quality and class.

* Grab THOU vinyl, cassettes and t-shirts at the Robotic Empire – Online Store
* Get THOU‘s most recent digital releases (The Sacrifice, Heathen, the Algiers collection and others) at Robotic Empire’s Bandcamp

Further color wax is also available for TILTS latest offering, Cuatro Hombres, along with the re-press of their Self-Titled debut album – both now available on vinyl.

Each of these longplaying rock and roll bangers feature cover imagery by Tom Huck, the renowned ‘Evil Print’ woodcut artist also responsible for THE ROOTS Phrenology cover. Including a high quality digital download as well, TILTS catalog is responsibly available once again.

* Find TILTS vinyl (including a limited hand-numbered TEST PRESS edition of Cuatro Hombres) in the Robotic Empire – Online Store

Beyond that, we’ve been chugging through the recent t-shirts stocked from MAN IS THE BASTARD / NOISE and the GRATEFUL DEAD X MISFITS limited design we scored stock of. Although famous rappers are snatching them up pronto, some sizes of each are still available in the Robotic Empire – Online Store

Big ups & Jah Bless!

ALPACA pre-orders up now, new song premier and BANGIN distro update to the Robotic Empire – Online Store

Alpaca - hall 700px

Robotic Empire is excited to announce that pre-orders are now available for ALPACA‘s debut album, both physically and digitally. Set for release October 1st, Demimonde is the first release from ALPACA and explores new ground for both the label and band members involved.

Comprised of vocalist/guitar player Justin Nuckols and multi-instumentalist Allen Blickle, Demimonde was recorded over a five year period across locations in New York and the members’ native Virginia. Much of ALPACA‘s material was initially created throughout arduous tour schedules for BARONESS, the accomplished hard rock band for which Blickle drummed.

The dance, pop, and melody-driven compositions Blickle crafted for ALPACA juxtapose with Nuckols’ darker, groove-focused, and harmonic vocal explorations.

Alpaca - vinyl spread 700px

This musical collaboration from two ex-step-brothers began in the late ’90s while high school students in the small Appalachian town of Lexington, VA. After separate nomadic wanderings, Nuckols and Blickle both wound up in Brooklyn, NY in 2007.

ALPACA intermittently recorded material between BARONESS‘ tour activities, finally hunkering down in the winter of 2012-2013 to expand their mutual visions and perfect mixes, ultimately finishing a body of work many years in the making.

To compliment the level of detail the music received, the vinyl edition of Demimonde comes housed in a five-color gatefold LP jacket with added spot-gloss finish. Accordingly elaborate color vinyl is available , and joined by a high-quality digital download. 800 color vinyl LPs were pressed + 200 black vinyl, and a CD edition is also available.

* Listen to “Republic”, courtesy of Vice

* Listen to “FNYC”, courtesy of SPIN

* Listen to “Ease Your Gaze” and read about Blickle’s transition from Baroness to Alpaca, courtesy of MTV Hive

* Pre-order the CD version at the Robotic Empire – Online Store
* Pre-order black or yellow/red vinyl at the Robotic Empire – Online Store
* Pre-order the digital download (with digital booklet) through iTunes
(vinyl and CD pre-orders will begin shipping a week or so before release date, and digital pre-orders will become available day-of)

* ALPACA on Facebook
* ALPACA on Twitter
* ALPACA on YouTube

We’re absolutely thrilled to finally have this album just about done. It’s been a long ass time since Allen first played us some proto-Paca jams in the old Robo HQ and we’re truly excited to help an old friend with a fantastic debut release.

Beyond that cool label activity, we’ve got a powerhouse of righteous new items in the Robotic Empire – Online Store. First off, we have to note the absolutely insane multi-vinyl releases from THE OCEAN! Pelagic Records really went beyond the standards of “norm” with those releases, plus more GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT on vinyl for the die-hards. Also on the rad-import-tip is the pseudo-sanctioned CURSED “bootleg” LPs, which are just what you’d hope and expect. Semi-ALPACA-related is the badass old BARONESS / UNPERSONS split LP newly available on red color vinyl, and we also got the new LP from THE BODY, also released by At A Loss. Label-favorite FOREST SWORDS is finally here, give that one a chance. Some rippers (CAPTIVE BOLT, CIVILIZATION, EYC) from the newly revived Dead Tank label/distro are now in stock, plus a slew of tapes from Like Young. Appropriately horrific and terrifying is the ungodly COFFINS Colossal Hole 10″ for the true freaks. Also good to see To Live A Lie cranking out filthy high-quality grind (ASSHOLE PARADE, MEHKAGO NT) as always. Good stuff abound, here’s the full list:

* Alpaca – Demimonde 12″ – BLACK VINYL (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Alpaca – Demimonde 12″ – COLORED VINYL (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Alpaca – Demimonde CD (Robotic Empire) $6.99
* Anagnorisis – Beyond All Light Cassette (Like Young) $2.99
* Asshole Parade – Live in Rostock 10″ – MAROON COLORED VINYL (To Live A Lie) $9.99
* Baroness / Unpersons – A Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk 12″ – RED COLORED VINYL (At A Loss) $14.99
* Body, The – Master, We Perish 12″ (At A Loss) $10.99
* Captive Bolt / Gary Francione 7″ (Dead Tank) $3.99
* Chronics – On Tape It Sounds Different Cassette (Mooster) $4.99
* Civilization – Self-Titled 12″ – MARBLE COLORED VINYL (Dead Tank) $9.99
* Coffins – Collosal Hole 10″ (Horror Pain Gore Death) $17.99
* Colossal Rex – Every Place Is Sacred Cassette (Like Young) $2.99
* Cursed – II Bootleg 12″ (Punk Distro) $17.99
* Cursed – The Rest 12″ – BROWN TRANSPARENT COLORED VINYL (Punk Distro) $17.99
* Darkentries – Self-Titled Cassette (Like Young) $2.99
* Downstaaiirs – Weeping/Creeping Cassette (Like Young) $2.99
* Environmental Youth Crunch – Vicious Fishes Cassette $3.99
* Environmental Youth Crunch – Let’s Ride 12″ (Dead Tank) $9.99
* Forest Swords – Dagger Paths 12″ (Olde English Spelling Bee) $15.99
* Glaciers – Mirrored Through The Ancients Cassette (Like Young) $4.99
* God Is An Astronaut – All Is Violent, All Is Bright 12″ (Pelagic) $17.99
* Landing – Wave Lair 12″ (These Are Not Records) $12.99
* Mehkago NT – Massive F’ing Headwounds 12″ (To Live A Lie) $9.99
* Minnow – Self-Titled Cassette (Like Young) $2.99
* Ocean, The – Anthropocentral CD (Pelagic) $13.99
* Ocean, The – Anthropocentric 2×12″ (Pelagic) $32.99
* Ocean, The – Fluxion CD (Pelagic) $13.99
* Ocean, The – Fogdiver 12″ (Pelagic) $20.99
* Ocean, The – Fogdiver CD (Pelagic) $13.99
* Ocean, The – Heliocentric / Anthropocentric 4×12″ – VINYL BOX SET (Pelagic) $89.99
* Ocean, The – Pelagial 4×10″ (Pelagic) $57.99
* Sexes – Self-Titled Cassette (Like Young) $2.99
* Trigger Men – Self-Titled Cassette (Like Young) $2.99

For folks who missed the last update, a seriously fantastic round of music was added to Store in August, here’s the combined list of new items & restocks:

* Afterlife Kids – Morgengrauen 12″ (Adagio830) $10.99
* Aldebaran – From Forgotten Tombs 12″ – GREY BLACK COLORED VINYL (Kreation) $11.99
* Amber – Lovesaken 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $9.99
* Amber – Lovesaken – CLEAR WITH SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $9.99
* Atlas Moth, The – An Ache For The Distance 12″ (Brutal Panda) $16.99
* Barn Owl – Shadowland 12″ (Thrill Jockey) $12.99
* Baroness – Blue 2×12″ (Relapse) $19.99
* Black Tusk / Fight Amp – Split 7″ (Brutal Panda) $6.50
* Blind Shake – Seriousness 12″ (Learning Curve) $14.99
* Body, The – Self-Titled 12″ (Feast Of Tentacles) $12.99
* Bone Sickness – Alone In The Grave 12″ (20 Buck Spin) $15.99
* Boris – Smile 2×12″ – CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Southern Lord) $24.99
* Breach – Godbox 12″ (Apocaplexy) $14.99
* Burning Love / Fight Amp – Split 7″ (Hell Comes Home) $7.99
* Catalyst, The – Voyager 12″ – ORANGE COLORED VINYL (Forcefield) $12.99
* Coffins – Buried Death 12″ (20 Buck Spin) $15.99
* Coffins / Otesanek – Split 12″ – BLUE CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Kreation) $9.99
* Coffinworm / Fistula – Split 7″ (Hell Comes Home) $7.99
* Coliseum / Burning Love – Split 12″ (Sound Study) $9.99
* Cough – Sigillum Luciferi CD (Forcefield) $9.99
* Cough / The Wounded Kings – An Introduction To The Black Arts 12″ (Forcefield) $12.99
* Daitro – Collected 12″ (Adagio) $14.99
* Dead Elephant / Rabbits – Split 7″ (Hell Comes Home) $7.99
* Deadverse – Carpet Burns – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Adagio830) $10.99
* Dopefight / The F’ing Wrath – Split 7″ (Hell Comes Home) $7.99
* Earthling – Dark Path 12″ (Forcefield) $12.99
* Gay Witch Abortion – Opportunstic Smokescreen Behavior – MARBLE GREEN COLORED VINYL 12″ (Learning Curve) $14.99
* Glaciers – Mirrored Through The Ancients 12″ (Self Released) $15.99
* Graves At Sea – Documents Of Greif 12″ – PICTURE
* Grime – Deteriorate – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Forcefield) $12.99
* Hoax – Self-Titled 12″ (Adagio830) $14.99
* Holly Hunt – Year One 2×12″ (Other Electricities) $19.99
* Horders – Fimbulvetr 12″ (Feast Of Tentacles) $12.99
* Huata – Atavist Of Mann – RED COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
DISC VINYL (Kreation) $9.99
* Indian Summer – Self-Titled 12″ – CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Adagio) $14.99
* Integrity – Systems Overload – RED COLORED VINYL 12″ (Organized Crime) $9.99
* Integrity – Those Who Fear Tomorrow – BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Organized Crime) $9.99
* Inter Arma – Destroyer 12″ (Toxic Assets) $9.99
* Iron Lung – White Glove Test 12″ (Feast Of Tentacles) $12.99
* Jessica 93 – Who Cares 12″ (Music Fear Satan) $12.99
* Kongh – Counting Heartbeats 2×12″ – BLACK VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
* Kongh – Counting Heartbeats 2×12″ – CLEAR COLORD VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
* Kongh – Counting Heartbeats 2×12″ – PINK COLORED VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
* Kowloon Walled City – Container Ships 12″ – BLACK VINYL (Brutal Panda) $14.99
* Lightbearer – Silver Tongue 2×12″ (Halo Of Flies) $19.99
* Medusa – Divine Malice – 1-Sided 120 Gram VINYL 12″ (Auris Apothecary) $15.99
* Medusa – Divine Malice Cassette (Auris Apothecary) $4.99
* Moloch / Ensorcelor – Split 12″ (Feast Of Tentacles) $12.99
* Moloch / Meth Drinker – Split 12″ (Feast Of Tentacles) $12.99
* Monarch – Omens 12″ (Music Fear Satan) $12.99
* Monarch – Omens – RED BLACK SWIRL COLORED VINYL 12″ (Music Fear Satan) $12.99
* Morgion – Cloaked By Ages 12″ (Kreation) $10.99
* Mutilation Rites – Devoid 12″ – CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Forcefield) $12.99
* Naked Lights – Chime Grove 12″ (Adagio830) $10.99
* Pallbearer – Sorrow And Extinction 2×12″ (20 Buck Spin) $22.99
* Perfect Future – Old Wounds: Warmth In The Winter Of 12″ – WHITE COLORED VINYL (Adagio) $10.99
* Pyramido / Union Of Sleep – Split 7″ (Hell Comes Home) $7.99
* Racebannon – Unwanted Sounds Cassette (Auris Apothecary) $4.99
* Secret Smoker – Terminal Architecture – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Adagio830) $10.99
* Set & Setting – Equanimity – CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12″ (Science of Silence) $14.99
* Stephen Brodsky – Hit Or Mystery 12″ (Little Black Cloud) $12.99
* Suma / Ultraphallus – Split 7″ (Hell Comes Home) $7.99
* Various Artists – Butcher’s Waltz 12″ (Learning Curve) $14.99
* Various Artists – Volume 1 Series Box Set – Hell Comes Home 12×7″ (Hell Comes Home) $92.99
* Vyst – Try Again. Fail Again. Keep On Trying. Keep On Living. Gain While Giving 12″ (Vendetta) $10.99
* Withers – Lightmares 12″ (Adagio830) $10.99
* Wolvhammer – Blackmarketters of WW3 – ORANGE COLORED VINYL 12″+7″ (Learning Curve) $14.99
* Year Of No Light – Nord 2×12″ – BLACK VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
* Year Of No Light – Nord 2×12″ – WHITE COLORED VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
* Yob – Catharsis 12″ – BLACK VINYL (Kreation) $10.99
* Zozobra – Savage Masters 12″ (Brutal Panda) $14.99

Yes, that IS a lot of music. Please consider picking something up, we’re overflowing! Head on over to the Robotic Empire – Online Store.

Thank you & big ups!
-Team Robo

ALPACA interview w/ MTV Hive + ‘Ease Your Gaze’ song premiere!

Awesome ALPACA interview+song premiere via MTV Hive:

…the sound is so different from Baroness. Do you think people will be surprised or taken aback by the change?

For sure. I hope they are. That’s sort of what it’s all about — jumping and taking chances. Doing something you love, you know. This is the type of music that I’ve always be into. I’ve always been into pop music since I was a kid, and then I got into, like, punk rock and metal early on, but I always had that side. When you start producing music you kind of like put your limbs out and try a bunch of different things and I think how this record kind of took shape was all these different influences. It’s from the heart and it feels good.”

READ MORE / LISTEN TO ‘Ease Your Gaze’:



Only two weeks until ALPACA pre-orders!

vinyl pics-001

We now two weeks away from launching ALPACA vinyl pre-orders, and the packaging turned out absolutely dead-on how the band intended. Gatefold jacket, spot-gloss in key places, complimentary color vinyl (pics soon) and all around it looks/sounds awesome!

If you missed the opening track premiere on SPIN.com, you can now hear it right here:

Demimonde officially drops on October 1st but we plan to launch vinyl+download pre-orders about two weeks ahead. Keep ya eyes pealed!