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Printed on super soft Tultex 100% cotton shirts. Here’s some descriptions relating to the album "Tonight’s The Night".

"Tonight’s the Night was a lot more fun. ’Cause I was with my friends. I was havin’ a fantastic time. It was dark but it was good. That was a band with a reason. We were on a mission. That’s maybe as artistic a performance as I’ve given. I think there was more drama in Tonight’s the Night because I knew what I was doing to the audience But the audience didn’t know if I knew what I was doing. I was drunk outta my mind on that tour. Hey you don’t play bad when you’re drunk, you just play real slow. You don’t give a shit. Really don’t give a shit.
I was fucking with the audience. From what I understand, the way rock and roll unfolded with Johnny Rotten and the punk movement - that kind of audience abuse - kinda started with that tour. I have no idea where the concept came from. Somebody else musta done it first, we all know that, whether it was Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard, somebody shit on the audience first." - Neil Young

"The record chronicles the post-hippie, post-Vietnam demise of counterculture idealism, and a generation’s long, slow trickle down the drain through drugs, violence, and twisted sexuality. This is Young’s only conceputally cohesive record, and it’s a great one."

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