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The first "formal" creations by the mighty rock beast known only as ULTRA DOLPHINS finally surfaces on this collections disc. Aptly named "Why Are You Laugh" for the trio's commitment to confusing/bold songwriting, disorienting hooks and quirky riffs, this collection of songs pushes the limits of touchy genres like "math rock" and "post hardcore." But the undeniable catchiness and underlying punk-rock spirit make it far more difficult to categorize. Basically it's wailing guitars, manic vocals, and a skin-tight rhythm section holding down the general headbang-ability fused with a spirit of playfulness and all-out weirdness... maybe try to image Captain Beefheart slaying Drive Like Jehu.

Yes it's been said before, but to us this inability to define in words is a good thing... a true sign of innovation and interesting songwriting that won't just be another fast "flavor of the month" type of band that far too many now strive for in this strange and changing world of underground music. This six-track, 24-minute collection is an exciting exception to the mass-movements of the indie underground... three guys playing fierce and incredibly passionate rock music.

The bulk of the material was recorded at Inner Ear studios in Washington, DC (Fugazi, Minor Threat, The Monorchid, Rites of Spring) and one track at the Recorditorium in Richmond, VA (Stop It!!, VCR, Wow Owls!) then meticulously re-mastered at Silver Sonya (Shudder to Think, Q and Not U) so you know that every song oozes with high intensity production. This collection will definitely appeal to a variety of fans, including those fond of Shellac, Drive Like Jehu, The Boredoms, Fugazi, Led Zeppelin, Frodus, The Jesus Lizard, Majority Rule, Rodan and Black Sabbath.

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