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Zoroaster - Self-Titled 12"


A sonic barrage of amp-worshipping, guitar-driven, low-ended doom metal. Mammoth punishment akin to Sleep, High on Fire, and Grief. Crippling doom metal from Atlanta, GA! Like Sleep’s Jerusalem" with the amplification of SunnO))) with a unique twist of its own."
Features an exclusive bonus track found only on this vinyl release.
Remastered for vinyl by Mell Dettmer (Sunn, Earth, Boris)
“Like the tentacled leviathan depicted on their debut mini-album’s front cover, the music created by Atlanta, GA’s Zoroaster rises up from unfathomable depths, propelled by tsunamis of doom, submerged in viscous sludge. Behold cyclopean concoctions such as "Mons Venus" and "Defile," which steadily castigate the senses with well-varied bouts of grinding dirges and hypnotic grooves, their often cyclical strumming through slothful power chords appearing so simple, yet also proving so devastating. By comparison, the insistently pounding advance of "Bullwhip" may as well be thrash metal — recalling sludge kings Eyehategod as much as the other tracks do extreme doomsters like Sleep and Unearthly Trance."

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