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Higuma - Pacific Fog Dreams 12"

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Over the past few years Higuma’s Evan Caminiti (of Barn Owl) & Lisa McGee have slowly evolved their sound from shamanistic acoustic dirges into shimmering metallic blast-off hymns, hair raising eulogies to the cosmos. ’Pacific Fog Dreams’ is a set of seven such songs, all beautifully distant and drenched in layers of earth toned echo, balanced in dream time between melodies and all out electric whitewash. Delayed strums hang in a beyond background, a ghost world of songs from some other place and time, channeled onto the hiss of a cassette tape to remind you. Caminiti’s guitar is often on the verge of taking the whole thing down, sporadically billowing into colorful feedback, huge blocks impenetrable sound. McGee’s vocals are sometimes discovered, but just as distant smears, or riding the peaks, coaxing out phrases of hidden origin.. maybe singing of intimacy, memory, nature or magic.

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