Heads up yall: our main shipment of "Whatever Nevermind" was delayed by the freight company so we're only now going full beastmode on mailorder. Thus, the first shipments are just going out now. We'll continue to chug through all orders ASAP and erryone's patience is appreciated !

Zann - X 7"+CD


This is a split release with PROTAGONIST & APOCAPLEXY records. Hailing from Germany, Zann have been creating passionate and punishing sXe hardcore for 10 years now...and this record is a testament to their energy. With a little nod to 90’s bands like Unbroken, Acme, Rorschach and Chokehold, they have forged a sound of their own and an international reputation for no-nonsense hardcore with brains and brawn. Packaged in a beautifully printed and letter-pressed cover, along with a full-length CD containing 15 additional songs (previously released on perkoro records - every song that got released before the "three years in the desert LP) Thick black vinyl completes the assembly.

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