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Pink Razors - Scene Suicide CDep


Their debut release! Richmond's Pink Razors are not interested in pretension, showing off their chops, or being hailed as groundbreaking instrumentalists. Let's be honest, there hasn't been a time or a place for short, simple, catchy punk songs for quite a while. We've all turned our backs on addictive melodies, anything with less than 1,000 chords, jam-out experimentation, and cluttered arrangements. In turn, haven't we forgotten what punk rock was about? Well pop-punk is back and it's pissed off about what you did to it. You gave it away sheepishly, embarrassed almost, as if it was some phase to leave behind. You sold it to every idiot who thought he could make some money off it... and what did we get? 10,000 shitty bands who took the "punk" out of it. 10,000 whiny melodies in songs that are too long, emo-crossovers, stylish fakers, auto-tuned vocals, Boys of Summer covers, ironic metal covers, cliches, and forced tears. And who stepped up to the plate? Anarcho-crust bands trying! to show their soft side? Amplified campfire songs? We're embarrassed too, embarrassed that we have to warn people that Pink Razors might be a pop-punk band. Pop isn't your scene either, and who can blame you? Kill what you know, forget what MTV says, try something else. Be warned though, you might have fun.

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