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Annihilation Time - III: Tales of the Ancient Age 12"


With fuzzy riffs, elongated solos and twin guitar leads ala Maiden, this is a Hessian’s dream. On III: Tales of the Ancient Age, Annihilation Time leaves the D.R.I. thrash influence in a cloud of bong smoke to focus on their shredding. That is, when they aren’t ingesting chemicals, breaking bottles, or diving into the broken glass. And that’s why thrashers and crusties still covet this so. Not so much a party band like Municipal Waste or Spring Break, Annihilation Time is a band that happens to party. Better, they are a band that incites a party. Clearly a stoner rock band - the mustaches and denim vests prove it so - they still have the strong punk ethos in their lyrics: work sucks, get fucked, let’s rage.

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