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Baroness / Unpersons - A Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk [split] - RED COLORED VINYL 12"


At A Loss has shown a huge fondness for bands from Savannah, Georgia over the years. "a grey sigh in a flower husk" is an excellent example of the wide range of unconventional heavy sound coming from savannah. Previous efforts by Baroness had an almost "tragedy meets electric wizard meets the fucking champs" sound. Unpersons earlier releases were a combination of influences as wide ranging as the jesus lizard, rorschach and rudimentary peni. "A grey sigh in a flower husk" is a glimpse of amazing things yet to come by both bands."

Yep, UNPERSONS is still going strong and BARONESS has since moved on to sign to Relapse and gain lots of notoriety (for good reason). Killer split, killer art (gatefold jacket and printed innersleeve) and comes on red colored vinyl.

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