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Year Of No Light - Nord 2x12"


Beautiful US pressing of this monstrous debut album! "Isis-alikes has reached epidemic proportions. Every time you turn around, there’s another band with atmospheric riffs, eight-minute songs, understated artwork, and a beard (or two). It’s easy to see why this sound has caught on: Black Sabbath, Godflesh, and Neurosis sound much less scary with more melody. French outfit Year of No Light is as guilty of imitation as any, but with only one album, the band has leapt to the fore of atmospheric metal, giving Isis themselves a run for their money. When not only Isis but also Jesu, Godflesh, and The Cure come to mind, an album deserves attention." - Stylus

Pressing limited to 1000 total, between a US and European label. After the label splits and band copies, only about 325 made it over to the USA... and maybe 200 of those for mailorder, which we are one of the few places to even get these. Highly recommended!

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