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Mouthbreather / Worn In Red - Split - RED COLORED VINYL 7"


Damn, this 7" is killer. Mouthbreather was formed from the ashes of Richmond groups WOW, OWLS! and THE SETUP.Mouthbreather play music that is similar to both and yet form a style that is uniquely their own. This quartet keeps Richmond’s punk and hardcore roots alive. Worn In Red hail from the long-standing promised land of thick, blistering hardcore; Virginia. They share hometowns in both Richmond and Charlottesville, drinking deep from a rich history of since-fallen bands like Sleepytime Trio, Hoover, Four Hundred Years, Maximillian Colby, Action Patrol, and Frodus, while also paying tribute to contemporary titans Planes Mistaken For Stars, Glass and Ashes, and Hot Water Music. Seriously, this is an incredible 7". Get on it!

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