Pageninetynine - Singles 12'' BLACK VINYL


Small repress of 270 copies on black vinyl. Not all 270 were able to be sold as we ran out of inner sleeves - which we've just run for the remaining 70 copies. Now back in stock, we've replaced the printed inner sleeve with a 2-sided, screen printed insert compliments of Broken Press in Seattle, WA. Also includes a small screen printed card with the classic "girl with heart" image!

PG.99 was a band from Sterling, Virginia who redefined what "punk rock" could mean and be, touring relentlessly and releasing a plethora of albums, splits, singles and more... all from a venerable squad of miscreants on the outskirts of the nation's capital. Comprised of widespread material collected from split 7" releases with CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, ENEMY SOIL, PROCESS IS DEAD, and REACTOR NO. 7 along with other short-run compilation, EP and demo tracks, "Singles" is aptly titled but beautifully exhibits an aggressive band in constant growth. From their original demo tape to final split EP release, the wild ride that was PG.99 seems better captured on this collections LP than possibly any full-length release.

Showcasing humble beginnings to a furious midpoint and experimental end, "Singles" clearly displays that PAGENINETYNINE evolved more in their prolific five years than one could deem reasonable. Always pushing the boundaries of punk rock and heavy music in general, their DIY mentality and overall aesthetic created a legacy that has been hard to follow. Finely mastered by James Plotkin for a much warmer and fuller sound not heard on the original releases, "Singles" is an essential document from the active existence of PG.99.

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