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Suma / Unearthly Trance - Collaboration 12"

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Two years after their sought after (and promptly sold out) split 10", both beasts team up together again for a unique collaboration in order to celebrate and support their head-lining US tour in October 2010. These recordings are brand new (summer 2010), not to be mistaken with the 10"s ones.This is not your usual split record where each band fills up one side of the record. This collaboration merges both bands into one only entity for +20 minutes. In Unearthly Trance’s Ryan words:
Each side of this record features the other band’s vocalist along with some contributing noise from the other band. This unique idea all came together very spontaneously and it serves as a document of true exploration and experiment of the unknown forces of control. The results are very exciting and unlike anything each band has done. This collaboration somehow morphed the two bands together in an unprecedented yet very pleasing way. This vinyl / cd is meant to commemorate their forthcoming USA tour in the fall 2010 where the band will share the stage with each other once again."Sleepwalking Through A Maze" consists of music that Suma recorded in Malmo and sent to Ryan Lipynsky in Brooklyn where he recorded his words for his vocals.Unearthly Trance tracked their music for "Victim No. 581" in NYC and Brooklyn and was then sent to Jovan were he promptly returned the track back with his vocals and sounds added.The other track "Month of Treatment" is a harsh noise track that each member of UT recorded a "layer" and was sent to SUMA. Jovan tracked his voice and more noise was conjured up in Sweden. All of this was compiled by Jay Newman of UT who subsequently mixed all of the songs. Then finally mastered by Ryan of UT. The whole recording project was spawned out of the loose concept of the mysterious lore of the black operation knows as MK ULTRA and the artwork reflects that.

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