Infernal Stronghold - Godless Noise 12"

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Coming off like the bloody aftermath of a barbwire death-match between Darkthrone and Discharge, Infernal Stronghold are a homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, death-defying fusion of black metal and punk rock. Everything about the band’s approach screams both styles, from the crusty, lo-fi production values to song titles like “Crashing Trucks into Churches”. Each track is a high-speed trawl beneath the grimy underbelly of the black metal aesthetic at it’s most primitive and direct, a battering ram of blasphemous anarchy. Wielding a guitar tone that sounds like a rusty circular saw messily carving its way through white suburban Christian bones, Infernal Stronghold careen through their songs with a ferocity and zeal that most bands would kill for.

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