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robo__logos_no number - LIGHT BGRobotic Empire has been running since 1999, and have been regularly asked some questions over the years which we’ll do our best to answer below.

If something isn’t addressed in the FAQ here, there are two contact forms below which you can get a hold of us through. Thank you.


I’m in a band and we want you to release our record, where can we send our recording?
Thank you for your interest in our label, if you’d like to mail a hard copy of your music to us to give a listen to, please mail to the following address and be sure to include contact info. If we’re interested in what we hear, we’ll contact you. Please don’t follow up, it’s very hard to get back to everyone who contacts us about releasing music:
Robotic Empire Records
P.O. Box 993
Northport, WA 99157

Do you have an e-mail list / newsletter?
Yes! We typically send out 1-2 emails a month with the latest news, especially when it comes to new releases being available. Please sign up here if interested.

Can you tell me when ______ will be released?
When we have a release date set for a record, it will be posted on our Discography page. Otherwise it’s probably not close enough to completion to announce a proper release date.

I want to review your record and/or, my magazine/webzine is covering one of your bands and I need a photo, band bio, etc.
Press-related folks, please email: roboticlindsay [- at -] gmail.com [- dot -] com or use the “other stuff” contact form below.

I am trying to book one of your bands, can you please give me their contact information?
Your best bet is to probably check out the band’s individual website and see if they have a booking agent, if not then try hitting them up direct via one of their social media pages (Facebook, etc).

I have ordered something from your Online Store, how long will it take to get to me?
**You should receive your order roughly 3-4 weeks from when you place it. Typically it will much take less time to arrive, but in peak busy periods it can take a little more. Please realize that although we take this mailorder operation very seriously, we’re a two person operation in a small spot in rural Washington and Only 1, yes 1, of these people is in charge of packing and shipping every single order that we receive. We ask that you please be patient when dealing with us, and despite our ominous moniker, treat us like human beings.**

That being said, we take pride in this operation and strive to get you your order as quickly as we can. If it’s been more than 4 weeks since you ordered and your order hasn’t arrived yet, you can write us for a status on it. Otherwise, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE asking the status of your order… it only slows us down and we’d rather spend time packing orders than answering emails. If you need to contact us, the email address is mailorder[- at -] roboticempire.com [- dot -] com . Be sure to include the full name you ordered under too as that’s the main way we search orders.

My store/distro wants to carry your CDs/LPs, and other Robotic Empire wholesale questions:
We are primarily distributed by Revolver in North America , Cargo in Europe and Hammerheart in the Netherlands. If you can’t / won’t order from them for whatever reason, please write roboticlindsay [- at -] gmail [- dot -] com directly.

My store/distro wants to make a wholesale order of NON-Robotic Empire titles that you carry:
Great! For all non-Robotic Empire label title wholesale info, please refer to this page and/or write roboticlindsay [- at -] gmail [- dot -] com directly.

My band/label wants a release carried in the Robotic Empire Online Store:
We try to stock our Online Store with like-minded stuff, but if you have release that we might be able to sell please write us at mailorder[- at -] roboticempire.com [- dot -] com …please keep in mind though we are not be able to carry every band’s release, but do try to accommodate cool bands / cool labels when possible. Another thing to consider is that we typically sell vinyl better than CDs. Thanks.

I want to pre-order _______ record and/or I get paid this weekend, can you hold something for me?
Unfortunately, we cannot hold records or set them aside for people. Releases are dished out on a first-come, first-serve basis… so if you’re gung-ho about getting something, best to sign up for our mailing list and/or keep an eye on our Online Store.

Where do you make your stuff?
Most of our vinyl is manufactured through Pirates Press and AtoZ Media (be sure say what’s up to “Phat” Rich from us). For t-shirts and any screen printed jackets, patches etc. we use Broken Press in Seattle.


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