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FALSE and BARGHEST announce split album (now streaming in full), extensive US tour by FALSE to follow

Two of the finest underground US metal outfits have teamed up for an unstoppable split album: BARGHEST and FALSE will release a stunning 12″ LP this summer via Gilead Media and Mirror Universe, a “partner label” of Robotic Empire.

FALSE and BARGHEST come from drastically different worlds, and their individual approaches to black metal reflect this. BARGHEST hail from the swamps of Baton Rouge, LA and take the misanthropic “anti-human/anti-life” angle, delivering disgustingly abrasive, lo-fi metal. A lineup without bass, yet full of unflinching aggression and thickness. FALSE call the frozen landscape of Minneapolis, MN home, and with a foundation of synth-tinged European black metal complimented by a hypnotic atmosphere, create intensely eerie music.

For all of their differences, they also share some key similarities. Each group released a debut album in 2011 with Gilead Media/Howling Mine, and both were met with overwhelmingly positive response from zines, blogs, and fans. FALSE and BARGHEST also each contain an oppressive quality in their respective sounds. This is not music for casual listening, but more akin to a psychological journey through realms devoid of light or hope.

BARGHEST offer two tracks for the split. “Shifting Sands” is one of the first songs the band ever wrote, and is finally now available in a physical format. Although an older piece, it still possesses the aesthetic BARGHEST solidified for themselves on their Untitled debut album. “Inhuman Hatred” follows, a brand new song with obvious death metal influences. It carries a greater sense of focus and purpose than the material from their full-length, without abandoning their unique style.

FALSE have grown in unbelievable ways since their debut 12″. Their single track on this split–“Heavy as a Church Tower”–clocks in at nearly 18 minutes, and stands as hard evidence that FALSE are quickly becoming an undeniable force within American black metal. The ferocious intensity from their debut is amplified here, and paired with a more mature sense of mood and atmosphere. Their side of the split is very much FALSE, evolved.

Artwork for this split album has been crafted by Bryan Proteau of Natvres Mortes Illustration, with LP jackets printed on heavyweight stock. A printed inner sleeve is included, and 800 copies pressed on 180gram black vinyl.

This release is now available to stream in full, with FALSE showcasing their material through the mighty Decibel Magazine, and BARGHEST on bandcamp.

* BARGHEST side:
* FALSE side:
* Cover art:

There you go, the entire split before your very ears. Pre-orders will come later in July via both Gilead Media and Mirror Universe/Robotic Empire.

Accordingly, FALSE will embark on a lengthy US tour to support the release. An initial itinerary has surfaced, with further details to follow.

FALSE – full US tour:

8/31 – Minneapolis, MN
9/1 – Milwaukee, WI – House show (early show)
9/1 – Milwaukee, WI – Quaters (late show)
9/2 – Ft. Wayne, IN – Harrison House
9/3 – Detroit, MI – House
9/4 – Huntington, WV
9/5 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
9/6 – Baltimore, MD
9/7 – New Brunswick, NJ
9/8 – Brooklyn, NY – Acheron
9/9 – Philadelphia, PA – Golden Tee
9/10 – Pittsburgh, PA – Roboto Project
9/11 – Columbus, OH – Carabar
9/12 – Indianapolis, IN – Vibes Music
9/13 – Chicago, IL
9/14 – St. Louis, MO
9/15 – Columbia, MO – Hairhole
9/16 – Kansas City, KS
9/17 – Omaha, NE
9/18 – Denver, CO – Blastomat
9/19 – Albuquerque, NM – House show
9/20 – Las Cruces, NM – The Trainyard
9/21 – Phoenix, AZ
9/22 – San Diego, CA
9/23 – Los Angeles, CA – Blue CafĂ©
9/24 – Los Angeles, CA – Vacation Vinyl (early show)
9/24 – Los Angeles, CA – LAPP Pad (late show)
9/25 – San Jose, CA
9/26 – Oakland, CA
9/27 – San Francisco, CA
9/28 – Santa Rose, CA
9/29 – Sacramento, CA
9/30 – Chico, CA
10/1 – Salem, OR
10/2 – Portland, OR – Beach House (early show)
10/2 – Portland, OR – The Space (late show)
10/3 – Olympia, WA
10/4 – Seattle, WA
10/5 – Missoula, MT – Zoo City
10/6 – Billings, MT
10/7 – Minot, ND
10/8 – Fargo, ND

New FREE Robotic Empire sampler (some exclusive/unreleased stuff/etc)

Its been a long time since we did one of these (4 years, in fact) and while we’ve intentionally dropped the ball on promotion a bit over the past few years, thankfully we are still able to deliver almost an hour of weird new music for all you freaks, absolutely FREE.

No, we haven’t gone “crunk core” (thank jah), we are just so psyched to see LIL JON rocking a new THOU shirt that we had to make an ode to him with this free sampler.

18 tracks, 52 minutes, 101 megabytes for your cranium to comprehend. Free (of course), cause we love you (of course). Lots of choice cuts, plus some unreleased and/or exclusive new jammers, if you’re into that sorta thing. Check that shit, SON:

* Download Robotic Empire + Mirror Universe – Free Sampler 2k10 via MediaFire
* Download Robotic Empire + Mirror Universe – Free Sampler 2k10 via RapidShare
* Download Robotic Empire + Mirror Universe – Free Sampler 2k10 via SendSpace

The tracklist includes:
1.) BAD SECRETS – Go and Leave
2.) NEON BASTARD – Steven Tyler
3.) FLOOR – Downed Star
4.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN – Fuck the Best, Take the Rest (teaser)
5.) TIDELAND – Braindead on the Interstate
6.) YOUNG WIDOWS – Lucky and Hardheaded (live)
7.) CAPSULE – Just Three Lines
8.) DIAL – Sweating
9.) HEWHOCORRUPTS – Sell em All (MIDI)
10.) THOU – By Every Hand Betrayed
11.) BATTLEMASTER – Death is a Warm Cube
12.) MEDUSA – Mediatrix
13.) EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE – Nil or the Nile
14.) FLOOR – On the Money
15.) ENEMY SOIL – My Religion
16.) INTER ARMA – 2000 Years
17.) TIDELAND – Crash
18.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN – Domio ’95

There is a whole lot more details about each song and all that good stuff over at the Robotic Obscurities blog, or just use the download links above if you don’t care about what Robo catalog number this bullshit is from. Word.