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Robo Kickstarter 2.0: Custom Care Packs and MEGA CHEAP lots aplenty!

Now we gone n dun it: another Robotic Empire Kickstarter has been launched! Why? Because we’re seriously out of room at RoboHQ and need to clear some much-needed space for upcoming releases aplenty.

We’ve dug through the archives and found some oddball items to offer up, plus we’re doing pick-and-choose CD lots for well below cost.

For real, $10 gets you 10 CDs, $20 gets you 25 CDs, $50 gets you 30 titles (including the 8xCD FLOOR set, new 2xCD AIDAN BAKER release and some other jammers). We’ve got test presses from ISIS, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP and TILTS, discounted damaged goods, an overstock-vinyl-lot, and will probably add some other jibba jab as it surfaces.

Total goal amount: $420

This is more of a space-making endeavor than a money making one, so please check it out as the deals are pretty retardo.

To please kickstarter’s guideline-enforcers, we are calling these “Custom Robotic Empire Care Packs” and will draw whatever madness you want on the box, sales receipt and/or anywhere else. This was surprisingly popular during our previous/first Kickstarter for the TILTS LP release (which is nearly sold out now too, we’ve got about 25 copies left) so we’re upping the ante this time and making it standard practice for all orders made via this campaign.

So get weird with it: Wanna see the Terminator hitting a gravitybong: DONE. How about a unicorn battling a dinosaur? DEAL. Or maybe a mystic wizard cooking up some pancakes? Strange, but OKAY. Basically whatever dumb stuff you can conjure up: we’ll scrawl it onto or within your package wherever we can.

Yes, this is goofy… but we’re trying to keep this space-making operation interesting, for both you and for us. So please hit up our Kickstarter page and help us make this happen! Gotta say too, the success of the TILTS campaign was heavily indebted to people posting it on their various social media outlets and forums… so if you’re willing to share this stupidity, we’ll gladly throw in some BONUS SCHWAG at the end of the campaign. Just let us know when we send out the “kickstarter survey” thing at the end and we’ll juice ya up!


* Robotic Empire – Custom Care Packs @ Kickstarter

TILTS kickstarter – home stretch (last few days!)

We’re officially in the home stretch now with just 4 days left to go on the TILTS Kickstarter campaign!

I’ve got to be honest, my OCD is gonna have a slight conniption if we don’t reach that smooth 3k mark (we’re roughly a hundred bucks away)! Its partly an even-number thing, and its partly a “costs covered” kind of thing, as we’ll be able to pay for the vinyl pressing up front in full if we hit that 3k mark. T-shirts, hoodies and all the other cool non-music extras will be stuff we’ll still be forking out for, but the whole point of this wild project was to see if we could get this LP pressed in full through Kickstarter funding.

If you’re willing to help spread the word, even just a quick Facebook or Twitter post, maybe on another forum you post on or your blog… please know, it’d actually be genuinely appreciated. This Kickstarter campaign really would not have worked out without kind folks (and the press) spreading the word, saying kind things on their blog and elsewhere… it means so much to us at the label and the band as well. We’re all VERY excited to get the finished LPs, which are in the initial stages of production already :)

THANK YOU to everyone and anyone who’s helped contribute to this project in any way, be it pledging for the album, talking trash on a message board, just listening to and enjoying the tunes… or any other way you may have interacted with this crazy thing.

Thanks again, peace!

-Team Robo

Kickstarter alert: TILTS debut album (current TORCHE / ex-RIDDLE OF STEEL)

The times they are a’changing: Robotic Empire is trying out Kickstarter!

It’s not without good reason: we 1.) want to release the badass debut album by TILTS, but 2.) can’t afford it at the present time. Instead of racking up more debt at an already financially-skinny time, we’re testing the waters with ye olde Kickstarter.

TILTS is comprised of our old comrade Andrew Elstner (formerly of RIDDLE OF STEEL and now also currently of TORCHE) on guitar and vocals, plus three of his close friends also from St. Louis, Missouri: Shawn Hart on bass, Ken McCray on drums and Andy White on guitar.

These dudes self-recorded 12 tracks over three sessions at their home studio, then ponied up to have Richmond engineer Ian Whalen (RAH BRAHS, TOMBS, LAMB OF GOD, etc) re-mix the whole shebang.

She’s a killer album that way more people need to hear, so we’re attempting to both raise awareness of the band as well as drum up the two grand needed to have it all properly mastered and pressed on vinyl + digital download.

Hopefully that’s where you come in, as we’ve set up six different “pledge” options for this thing ranging from $5 to $666. Pretty much every one involves getting the album, and we’ve trying to keep it interesting as this is basically set up as an elaborate “pre-order”. Long story short, we’ve tried to use the better parts of Kickstarter’s setup to make this exciting for anyone who decides to check it out.

So yeah, please check it out:

* TILTS – debut album at Kickstarter

We’ve got it set up to run for two months since the holidays could throw things off a bit, but ideally we can raise 2grand for this thing and get this badass album released pronto. If this works out, we’ve got some other cool ideas for future projects to run through Kickstarter.

This TILTS album is catchy as hell but generally unheard, so we’re excited to spread the word about one of our in-house favorite bands. We’ve seriously jammed this thing in repeat for the better part of a year and are glad to finally get this crazytrain in motion!

For a lot more information and to preview additional tracks in full (the video above is just a medley) please check out the Kickstarter page.

Also, thanks for reading/humoring this… bring it!!

* TILTS – debut album at Kickstarter

* TILTS on Facebook

p.s. if you like this on any level, please spread the word! We need as many people as possible to check out TILTS!!