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TEST PRESS BONANZA – auctioning a ton of rare stuff – ISIS, RED SPAROWES, GRAILS, etc

Title sums it up pretty well. Ebayin’ a small boatload of personal and/or archived rarities. Time to shed a little weight:

* BAD SECRETS 9″ TEST PRESS AS A 10″ young widows pelican
* CANNABIS CORPSE blunted 12″ 1st press!! municipal waste
* DEAD MACHINES future 10″ UNPLAYED! wolf eyes john olson
* DEATH PROOF SOUNDTRACK 12″ LP vinyl!! Quentin Tarantino
* DRUM MACHINE MADNESS 7″ TESTPRESS agoraphobic nosebleed
* GHASTLY CITY SLEEP – 12″ TEST PRESS city of caterpillar
* GRAILS – Burden/Redlight rare 2xLP SET! ltd 200 om sunn
* GRAILS – Take Refuge In Clean Living 12″ LP om kayo dot
    (rare PURPLE VINYL from the 1st press, limited to 200)
* HELMS ALEE – s/t 12″ RAREST VERSION /200 harkonen botch
* HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE 7″ TEST PRESS! isis neurosis boris
* ISIS – Panopticon 2xLP 1st press TEST PRESS SET pelican
* ISIS – Panopticon 2xLP remastered re-press TEST PRESSES
* ISIS panopticon RARE 12″ LP side-B only TEST PRESS tool
* ISIS – Panopticon 2×12″ LP neurosis mastodon 7 converge
    (1st press on RARE opaque ORANGE vinyl limited to 212)
* ISIS – Oceanic Remixes 4x 12″ TEST SET! jesu mr. bungle
    (FULL 4LP TEST PRESS SET! only complete set available)
* ISIS – Oceanic Remix Vol. 1 12″ TEST PRESS khanate sunn
* ISIS – Oceanic Remix Vol. 2 LP TEST PRESS jesu godflesh
* ISIS – Oceanic Remix Vol. 3 12″ TEST PRESS! mike patton
* MASTODON – Blood Mountain 12″ LP WHITE! slayer converge
* MENEGUAR -Strangers In Our House 12″ OOP built to spill
* PG.99 – document #5 RARE 12″ LP 7 page99 screamo orchid
* PYGMY LUSH – Bitter River 12″ TEST PRESS! pg.99 page 99
* RED SPAROWES at the soundless dawn LP 12″ isis neurosis
    (rare 2x LP TEST PRESS SET! limited to just 10 copies)
* RED SPAROWES / GRAILS – 12″ TEST PRESS om shrinebuilder
* STOP IT – Demo 10″ city of caterpillar kidcrash screamo
    (rare tour-only TEST PRESS EDITION -ltd to 150 copies)
* U.S. CHRISTMAS s/t 12″ LP COLOR VINYL neurosis hawkwind

Everything ends the evening of Sunday, March 7th.


GRAILS Announce First East Coast Tour Alongside KAYO DOT

Neurot Recordings, Robotic Empire, Temporary Residence Limited and Important Records are proud to announce that Portland, Oregon’s GRAILS are finally making their way to the East Coast for a solid week’s worth of live performances. Their first time east of the Mississippi, GRAILS will be joined by the Boston-based experi-metal octet KAYO DOT.

* 10/30 Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 w/ Souvenir’s Young America
* 10/31 Washington, DC @ Rock’n’Roll Hotel w/ Wooden Wand And The Vanishing Voice, Kohoutek, Piasa
* 11/01 Norfolk, VA @ Relative Theory Records
* 11/02 Baltimore, MD @ The Talking Head
* 11/03 Philadelphia, PA @ Circle of Hope
* 11/04 New York, NY @ Sin-e (Neurot + Robotic Empire CMJ Showcase) w/ Made Out Of Babies, MGR, Tone, Ultra Dolphins, Versoma
* 11/05 Boston, MA @ The Middle East w/ Ocean
* 11/06 New York, NY @ The Knitting Factory w/ Bloody Panda, Friendly Bears

Upon completing the tour, GRAILS will return to Portland to prepare for their upcoming album on Temporary Residence Limited, titled “Burning Off Impurities”. This is currently scheduled for a March 2007 release, and more information and MP3 clips will be posted soon. To hear some recently released material from the “Black Tar Prophecies 1, 2, & 3” CD, please visit one of the following websites:


OK folks so we finally broke down and decided to do a pre-order package combo kind of thing for our latest split LP, the RED SPAROWES / GRAILS split 12″. This thing has turned out absolutely amazing, gatefold jacket, colored vinyl and all… so why not offer some exclusive AMERICAN APPAREL shirts from each band along with it? Well, we’re doing it.


So everything will ship out pretty fast because the colored vinyl is 66ere (the rest will be here Friday) and we expect the package orders to be spoken for pretty quickly too. Our shirt place has said they can turn around the shirts in under two weeks, so everyone who orders a package combo will have it with the quickness as well.

Pressing info is at the bottom of that page. Thanks, and enjoy!

Two GRAILS limited LPs now available!!

Robotic Empire is proud, excited and honored to announce that the two full-length albums by Portland’s instrumental prodigies GRAILS are now both available on vinyl from our record label. We made 1000 copies of each of these incredible albums, with 700 of each to be made available through stores come March 28th. In the meantime, we are now offering the limited colored vinyl of each LP directly from us for $12ppd (in the USA). These are both now available in our Online Store.

For those unfamiliar with this simply glorious group, we feel that they are one of instrumental music’s most serene, fascinating and beautifully complex acts. Guitars, pianos, strings, drums and much more are utilized to merge somber melodies with building waves of emotion, all sans vocals. It’s downright powerful stuff, and all done with unique songwriting, surprising twists and an overall haunting feeling that is hard to shake, even after multiple listens. We have posted an MP3 from each album in the following location: Click Here (and scroll down a bit)

Now to the grit of vinyl’s limited nature: the limited color quantities. We ordered 200 of each album on colored vinyl, but they turned out a little different than we hoped. We requested a more “smokey” transition between black and the translucent color (green for The Burden of Hope and red for Redlight) but instead we got more of a “splatter” effect, which is still pretty killer (as you can see by the detailed photos below). The band got some copies, so we have 150 of each for our mailorder purposes. Most of our vinyl stuff doesn’t stick around too long, so we’re encouraging you to get on the ball with ordering this jam, as not only did the artwork translate beautifully to the large vinyl format, but this music is pretty much mandatory if you like progressive and/or interesting stuff. For your reference purposes, we licensed these beasts from Neurot Recordings, one of independent music’s leading innovators responsible for such acts as Neurosis, Isis, Made Out Of Babies, Red Sparowes and many more,

These two limited vinyl releases are also the prelude to the upcoming split LP between Grails and Red Sparowes, but we will inform you of that’s release when it comes closer to fruition. In the meantime, these two phenomenal full-lengths are now available for your listening/collecting pleasure directly from the Robotic Empire Online Store.

Thank you!