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"a cool offering of subterranean garage skuzz" (aka: lost/found BAD SECRETS review)

Well, our ballsoutcrazy June sale has come to an end, but we still have nearly 250 random items on sale at the moment, including this oft-overlooked weirdo record we dropped about two years ago… the sole release (thus far) from BAD SECRETS:

We’re going out of our way to post about this oddball release (a 9″+CD) as we just found an old review of this wild slab. Longtime brethren Crucial Blast are almost like an east coast Aquarius, whereas they take (lots of) time to type up detailed description of each item they sell. Impressive to say the least, and here’s what they had to say about the aforementioned BAD SECRETS jammer:

“Weird, cavernous, bloozy garage skum from this duo out of Louisville, kind of a surprise offering from Robotic Empire. It’s been descibed as “shoegazey” by some, probably because of the copious amounts of reverb that soak into every nook and cranny of these seven songs, but Bad Secrets sound to my ears more like the kind of drug-n’-booze addled noise rock outfits that were slithering out of downtown New York City back in the mid to late 80’s, the sort of thing that might have appeared on Rough Trade or Homestead. The guys behind this are drummer Dan Davis (also of Kodan Armada) and guitarist Evan Patterson, the latter known for his involvement in some fine contempo pigfuck/noise rock outfits like Breather Resist, Young Widows and Black Cross. In this configuration, though, Patterson goes for a more drugged and dissonant sort of clamor, the two musicians shambling through these creepy swamp-stained dirges, a vague industrial quality sticking to everything as the twangy, skronking guitar wigs out over a pounding, percussive oil-drum throb, the songs partially formed, and apparently partially improvised as well. The recording is suitably dank and dingy, the aforementioned reverb-heavy sound has it’s murkiness amplified by the low fi four-track production. Haunted, stoned gothic noise rock riddled with slurred, drawling vocals and ghostly wails, subterranean metallic scrape and trippy stereo panning, clanking riffs and chaotic drum freak outs, and weird production fuckery that ranges from sped-up tape noise and sudden drop-outs to grainy needle pops and room noise. Imagine Pussy Galore on Quaaludes, or Nick Cave stalking some ancient crypt, and you’re in the general vicinity. The guitars utilize some neat shimmery Morricone-esque twang on some of the tracks, too, and the band occasionally even goes off into something resembling a nocturnal version of surf rock at times. Things get pretty “out” and psychedelic throughout this little record, but the duo are still able to produce some seriously catchy noise rock jams like “Gimmee Sound” and “Go And Leave”. It’s a cool offering of subterranean garage skuzz, presented on an unusual 9″ size vinyl record in a silk-screened sleeve, and includes a cd version of the record.” © CRUCIAL BLAST

There ya go. We’ve got that joint discounted to $9.99 at the moment, and with both formats together (CD and vinyl) you get double trouble on this one.

* BAD SECRETS in the Robotic Empire – Online Store
* YOUNG WIDOWS (and related) in the Robotic Empire – Online Store

TEST PRESS BONANZA – auctioning a ton of rare stuff – ISIS, RED SPAROWES, GRAILS, etc

Title sums it up pretty well. Ebayin’ a small boatload of personal and/or archived rarities. Time to shed a little weight:

* BAD SECRETS 9″ TEST PRESS AS A 10″ young widows pelican
* CANNABIS CORPSE blunted 12″ 1st press!! municipal waste
* DEAD MACHINES future 10″ UNPLAYED! wolf eyes john olson
* DEATH PROOF SOUNDTRACK 12″ LP vinyl!! Quentin Tarantino
* DRUM MACHINE MADNESS 7″ TESTPRESS agoraphobic nosebleed
* GHASTLY CITY SLEEP – 12″ TEST PRESS city of caterpillar
* GRAILS – Burden/Redlight rare 2xLP SET! ltd 200 om sunn
* GRAILS – Take Refuge In Clean Living 12″ LP om kayo dot
    (rare PURPLE VINYL from the 1st press, limited to 200)
* HELMS ALEE – s/t 12″ RAREST VERSION /200 harkonen botch
* HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE 7″ TEST PRESS! isis neurosis boris
* ISIS – Panopticon 2xLP 1st press TEST PRESS SET pelican
* ISIS – Panopticon 2xLP remastered re-press TEST PRESSES
* ISIS panopticon RARE 12″ LP side-B only TEST PRESS tool
* ISIS – Panopticon 2×12″ LP neurosis mastodon 7 converge
    (1st press on RARE opaque ORANGE vinyl limited to 212)
* ISIS – Oceanic Remixes 4x 12″ TEST SET! jesu mr. bungle
    (FULL 4LP TEST PRESS SET! only complete set available)
* ISIS – Oceanic Remix Vol. 1 12″ TEST PRESS khanate sunn
* ISIS – Oceanic Remix Vol. 2 LP TEST PRESS jesu godflesh
* ISIS – Oceanic Remix Vol. 3 12″ TEST PRESS! mike patton
* MASTODON – Blood Mountain 12″ LP WHITE! slayer converge
* MENEGUAR -Strangers In Our House 12″ OOP built to spill
* PG.99 – document #5 RARE 12″ LP 7 page99 screamo orchid
* PYGMY LUSH – Bitter River 12″ TEST PRESS! pg.99 page 99
* RED SPAROWES at the soundless dawn LP 12″ isis neurosis
    (rare 2x LP TEST PRESS SET! limited to just 10 copies)
* RED SPAROWES / GRAILS – 12″ TEST PRESS om shrinebuilder
* STOP IT – Demo 10″ city of caterpillar kidcrash screamo
    (rare tour-only TEST PRESS EDITION -ltd to 150 copies)
* U.S. CHRISTMAS s/t 12″ LP COLOR VINYL neurosis hawkwind

Everything ends the evening of Sunday, March 7th.


"these howling, swampy takes are full of powerful material" (aka, BAD SECRETS press love)

Well we slacked pretty bad and didn’t really do any press mailings or anything for the BAD SECRETS debut, but still a handful of quotable things have surfaced for this wacky release:

Rock Sound mazagine was cool enough to run that innuendo-infused preview of the 9″+CD, and give some additional love to our Richmond label brethren in MolSook and The Perpetual Motion Machine. Not too shabby! Onwards…

“Similar to the work Evan has been churning out with Young Widows, but with a much more stripped down approach. Using only drums, guitars and vocals, the duo blends elements of drone, country, shoegaze and post-punk/hardcore on this record and recorded the whole thing on a four track cassette, which adds to the lo-fi aesthetic elements of this record.”

The MP3 blog Powered By Seitan posted a full download of the album (not too cool) but at least they took it down when we asked (cool). In the midst came the above quote, and a little more. Click here to read the rest of it. Lastly…

“At times the band sound like a more metal-influenced slant on what Nick Cave, or perhaps even Tom Waits might get up to in their rowdiest moments, and far from sounding like a lo-fi dirge, these howling, swampy takes are full of powerful material – with pummeling rock & roll blood and thunder…”

That bit came from the cool UK-based Boomkat online record/MP3 store. They had a bit more to say (and also have the release legitimately available for high-quality download), which you can check out by clicking here.

That’s all we’ve unearthed for now, but still pretty cool regardless. If you haven’t heard BAD SECRETS yet, we posted the first song off the record on our Myspace page. We’re really pumped with how this 9″+CD debut release turned out and if you like what you see/hear, we encourage you to check it out in our Online Store. Thanks!

BAD SECRETS – Self-Titled 9"+CD now available (member of YOUNG WIDOWS), "coaster pack" giveaways and Online Store updates!

Only two months late… not too shabby! In reality though, this BAD SECRETS 9″+CD release has seen several major delays and seemed almost cursed at times. Throughout three breakups of people involved in this project (including two divorces) this little beast has somehow pushed through, so we’re very relieved to finally have this release in our hands… and for camp Robo to have survived unscathed (sorry guys).

Beyond finally shedding this bad juju, BAD SECRETS debut 9″+CD release turned out pretty awesome. Two-color silk-screened covers, custom 9″ records, ridiculous color vinyl, CD of the same jams included, etc, etc. Musically it’s a cross between pinnacle shoegazer stuff and lo-fi, psyched out blues… brought to you by folks from YOUNG WIDOWS / BREATHER RESIST and KODAN ARMADA.

All in all we’re very happy with how this turned out in the end, and have posted the first track off this sumnabitch on our myspace page.

* 200 copies of “evil eye” (red / white mix with 1 black “planet” insert)
* 200 copies of “pie chart” (tri-blend split of three different pinks)
* 600 copies of “metallic red” (custom “metallic” pinkish-red color)

Please check out this release (and way more) in our Robotic Empire – Online Store

During these stupid economic times we’ve been trying to get creative with sales and deals and that kinda thing, to keep things interesting at least. Well this month our shtick is free “coaster packs” for all orders of $30 and more.

Pirates Press was kind enough to send us a small pile of “coasters” made out of some error/damaged vinyl that can result during production. These cut-down vinyl “coasters” are made out of the center label artwork, and a small amount of surrounding vinyl. A variety of different coasters are included in each pack from TORCHE, BAD SECRETS, A STORM OF LIGHT and NADJA. We’ll be including these coaster packs with all Online Store orders over $30 until we run out of them. Perfect for your favorite beverage of varying alcohol percentage, or otherwise!

Hot on the heels of the badass ENEMY SOIL review that Decibel Magazine juiced us up with… a killer review of the new DIAL EP! Decibel has been hooking it up for years, but we’re especially pumped that they gave this DIAL release a 9 / 10 review! The whole thing can be read here.

We’re particularly stoked about this DIAL CDep and are really happy with the nearly unanimous positive press it’s received thus far. If you haven’t heard this New Zealand monster yet, you can listen to a few tracks on their myspace page, and pick up the release for just 5 bucks in our Online Store.

Beyond all this Robotic Empire-related activity, we’ve had a pretty killer slew of new releases & restocks hit our mailorder operation this week. Richmond brethren The Perpetual Motion Machine hooked us up with color vinyl copies of their new releases (ANCIENT SKY, THE CATALYST, LITANY FOR THE WHALE, etc) and it looks like we’re the only distro besides them that got these stellar releases on colored wax. Also some rad new stuff from ACROSS TUNDRAS, Square Of Opposition/Dead Format Cassettes (including a vinyl release of the LICKGOLDENSKY demo – w t f?), HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, a few screamo restocks and more…

* Across Tundras – Lonesome Wails From The Weeping Willow CD (Forgotten Empire) $7.99
* Across Tundras – Western Sky Ride CD (Saw Her Ghost) $7.99
* Ancient Sky – Self-Titled – BLACK VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Ancient Sky – Self-Titled – CLEAR WITH PINK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Ancient Sky – Self-Titled – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Auryn / Bosque – Split 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $4.99
* Bad Secrets – Self-Titled – EVIL EYE COLORED VINYL 9″+CD (Robotic Empire $13.99
* Bad Secrets – Self-Titled – METALLIC RED COLORED VINYL 9″+CD (Robotic Empire $13.99
* Bad Secrets – Self-Titled – PIE CHART COLORED VINYL 9″+CD (Robotic Empire $13.99
* Brown Recluse Sings – Selected Hymns Of The Evening Tapestry Cassette (Dead Format) $4.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth CD (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $7.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth – BLACK VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth – GRIMACE PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Catalyst, The – Swallow Your Teeth – RED BLACK COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $10.99
* Comadre – A Wolf Ticket CD (Blood Town) $7.99
* Frog Eyes – The Golden River – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Happy Home) $7.99
* Hummingbird of Death – Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD (To Live A Lie) $8.99
* Lickgoldensky – Demo – ORANGE COLORED VINYL 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $6.99
* Lickgoldensky – Demo – PINK COLORED VINYL 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $6.99
* Litany For The Whale – Dolores – COKE BOTTLE CLEAR WITH BLACK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Litany For The Whale – Dolores – RED WITH BLACK HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Litany For The Whale – Dolores – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Masato Tanaka / Pocket Gallows – Split 12″ (Square Of Opposition) $9.99
* Mischief Brew – Boiling Breakfast Early Cassette (Dead Format) $4.99
* Oktober Skyline / Get To The Chopper – Split 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $4.99
* Paramedic – Demo 2008 Cassette (Dead Format) $4.99
* Souvenir’s Young America / City Of Ships – Split – AMBER MARBLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Souvenir’s Young America / City Of Ships – Split – BLACK BROWN COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Souvenir’s Young America / City Of Ships – Split – DARK RED MARBLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99
* Yo Man Go – Life Lessons 7″ (Square Of Opposition) $4.99

* Alcest – Souvenirs D’Un Autre Monde – BROWN COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hyperrealist) $14.99
* Comadre – The Youth CD (Blood Town) $7.99
* Gods & Queens – Untitled CASSETTE (Dead Format) $4.99
* Snack Truck – Harpoon CD (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $7.99
* South, The / Hypatia – Split 12″ *VINYL* (Square of Opposition) $7.99
* Sparrows Swarm And Sing – Untitled #2 CD (The Perpetual Motion Machine) $9.99

* Blues – Snakepit – BLACK BEER COLORED VINYL 12″ (1912) $14.99
* Blues – Snakepit – OPAQUE BROWN BEER COLORED VINYL 12″ (1912) $14.99

Phew! Pretty substantial update this time, and really excited to finally have a NEW VINYL RELEASE available as well after so many re-presses and re-issues. Everyone please give the BAD SECRETS 9″+CD a chance, as its a crazy release to say the least! Peace.

Robotic Empire – Online Store

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ROBOTIC EMPIRE – Massive update! (New bands, Online Store stuff, etc!)

Hello again, it’s been a while. A lot has happened at Robotic Empire over the past month or so… in fact, the label/mailorder is now split into two camps on opposite ends of the country. This massive move was a huge undertaking for us, but better for everyone in the end as it will mean a more organized setup for our Online Store operation (now located in Olympia, Washington), and some much needed change for the Virginia setup.

We want to thank everyone who ordered from us in any of our our pre-move sales, and also thank those who have been patient while we’ve gotten everything for the Online Store re-established out in Olympia. Things are fully operational again, and better than ever! So we are very pleased to present you a somewhat meaty update here, with lots of happenings both for the label and Online Store aspects of Robotic Empire…

First up, we’re releasing some new records in June. It’s been a slow first part of the year for the label (intentionally) but we’ve got a lot going on in the second half of the year. Kicking things off on June 9th will be the debut releases from New Zealand’s DIAL and Louisville, Kentucky’s BAD SECRETS.

DIAL is the first band from the southern hemisphere that we’ve ever worked with, and couldn’t be much happier about this pairing. Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand… DIAL self-released a demo a couple of years ago that we recently got to hear on a trip to NZ last fall. Intensely powerful stuff is contained within this little five-song EP, so much that we asked the band if we could re-release and thankfully they agreed.

To quote our official hype sheet for this: “The material contained within is leaps and bounds beyond what most bands accomplish even at their best. DIAL successfully channels the darkest corners of the AmRep catalog, the raw ferocity of classic hardcore, offtime kilter of math-rock, and the whole concept that music can actually be dangerous. The air-tight composure of DIAL‘s debut recording is striking; focusing more on space and dissonance than technical shreddery. Obscenely heavy guitars collide with bludgeoning percussion and intense, vicious and scathing female vocals… turning the whole thing into a downright terrifying experience. Add an incredibly crisp recording, and this makes DIAL‘s debut EP one of the most impressive demos we’ve heard in years, let alone had the privilege to re-release.”

We are really stoked about this release and it’ll be available on CD and digitally come June 9th. To give you a little preview, we just posted a track from it on our myspace page:

* Listen to DIAL @ Robotic Empire’s myspace
* Listen do DIAL @ their myspace page

Louisville, Kentucky’s BAD SECRETS was born out of improv jam sessions between YOUNG WIDOWS‘ Evan Patterson and KODAN ARMADA‘s Dan Davis. They recorded three weekends of jamming together, whittled it down to seven songs and thus, their debut release is born. We went for the super conventional 9″+CD format for this one, since it’s such a normal release and all. Hah!

In all seriousness though, we’re really psyched to finally work with Mr. Patterson after knowing this righteous dude and his kin for years. Who knows, maybe we’ve got another release with him up our sleeves…

Until then, the self-titled debut 9″+CD from BAD SECRETS should hit the world on June 9th (if we can get the band to screen the covers in time) and we’re very pumped on the ridiculous color vinyl we’ve got in store for it too. More info on this release forthcoming.

This is probably also a good time to announce that we’ll be releasing the debut album from northern Virginia’s TIDELAND! Mostly comprised of dudes we’ve known for years, upon hearing their killer full length that they recorded @ Godcity studios… deciding to release this was kind of a no-brainer. We’ll be teaming up with our Italian brethren Sons Of Vesta to co-release this on both CD and 12″, sometime later in the summer (most likely July or August).

We’ll post up a track from this release sometime soon, but in the meantime several demos can be found on the band’s myspace page. We should note: the album blows away everything they’ve recorded before.

* TIDELAND on myspace

Semi-related, TIDELAND will be playing the two upcoming MANNEQUIN reunion shows. Yep, our ol’ brothers in grunge finally decided it was time to return to form! There’s surely several reasons for this happening, one favorite being that Ian Widman wanted to drum for MANNEQUIN as his graduation present. We gotta give a hearty “congrats” to him for making this happen! If you live in Virginia (or anywhere relatively close) and want to check out these killer shows, they’ll both be happening the weekend of May 9th/10th and the details for the shows can be found on TIDELAND‘s myspace page.

* An unmastered tour-only MANNEQUIN EP that had two released & two unreleased songs on it (and their name spelled wrong on the cover) can be found here: download “Yr Aching Tooth!!!”

Semi-related to that is that we’ve now got new t-shirts in our Online Store from both PYGMY LUSH and PG.99. Resurrecting the old “goth girl” design sourced from the PAGENINETYNINE / CITY OF CATERPILLAR split 7″, we’re psyched to have this one back in print. Along with that are two new designs from PYGMY LUSH, designed for their last tour. Totally classic, and available now in our Online Store.

Completely unrelated to everything above but equally exciting to us is the re-press of the A STORM OF LIGHT / NADJA Primitive North 2×12″+CD split. The first press for this thing was a total blowout, so we’ve re-pressed it with the quickness in attempts to keep it available. Two new color vinyl combinations are available for this beast of a release, this time as “Aurora Forge” and “Phosphorescence”. Maybe corny names (?) but it compliments the weird colored vinyl well, and we’re equally pleased with how the re-press turned out as we are with the first press. This comes with a CD of the same jams, and is housed in some pretty fancypants packaging.

Related to that is the fact that we got some super rare CDs direct from Josh Graham of A STORM OF LIGHT and formerly of RED SPAROWES. This includes the self-released very first RED SPAROWES demo CD-R, and their limited live CD that Neurot released. Along with those (which WILL go fast) is the hard-to-find (FALLEN) BLACK DEER Latitudes CD release that Southern organized a couple years back. Hardly any distros got that thing and we scored some copies direct from the band.

Along with all that crazyness above, we’ve also received a healthy amount of new and re-stocked items for this massive first Online Store update from our bi-coastal locations! GO!

* (Fallen) Black Deer, The – Requiem CD (Latitudes) $12.99
* A Storm Of Light / Nadja – Primitive North [split] – AURORA FORGE COLORED VINYL 2×12″+CD (Robotic Empire) $19.99
* A Storm Of Light / Nadja – Primitive North [split] – PHOSPHORESCENCE COLORED VINYL 2×12″+CD (Robotic Empire) $19.99
* Chronic Youth – Das Chillin Cassette (Vinyl Rites) $4.99
* Drowning With Our Anchors – Breathing Lessons 7″ (Commodity Fetish) $4.99
* Grief – Come To Grief – BLACK VINYL 2×12″ (Throne) $24.99
* Grief – Come To Grief – BLUE SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Throne) $24.99
* Grief – Come To Grief – ORANGE COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Throne) $24.99
* Hex Machine – Omen Mas CD (Minimum Underdrive) $9.99
* My Disco – Paradise 12″ (Fruits & Vegetables) $12.99
* Nadja – Corrasion 2×12″ (Basses Frequences) $26.99
* Neil On Impression – L’Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre 2×12″ (Denovali) $22.99
* Pageninetynine – Goth Girl – Size: DOUBLE EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $15.99
* Pageninetynine – Goth Girl – Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Pageninetynine – Goth Girl – Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Pageninetynine – Goth Girl – Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Pageninetynine – Goth Girl – Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Pageninetynine – Goth Girl – Size: YOUTH LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Pirates Press – Vinyl Collage Puzzle (Pirates Press) $25.99
* Pygmy Lush – Donkey – Size: DOUBLE EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $13.99
* Pygmy Lush – Donkey – Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Donkey – Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Donkey – Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Donkey – Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Donkey – Size: YOUTH LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Man On The Moon – Size: DOUBLE EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $13.99
* Pygmy Lush – Man On The Moon – Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Man On The Moon – Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Man On The Moon – Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Man On The Moon – Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Pygmy Lush – Man On The Moon – Size: YOUTH LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Red Sparowes – Demo 03.12.2004 CD-R (Self Released) $29.99
* Red Sparowes – Oh Lord, God of Vengeance, Show Yourself! CD (Neurot) $14.99
* Winters In Osaka – Molded To Crawl CD (Haunted Hotel) $9.99

* Algernon Cadwallader – Some Kind Of Cadwallader CD (Be Happy) – $7.99
* Burst – In Coveting Ways – ORANGE COLORED VINYL 10″ (Throne) – $13.99
* Dystopia – The Aftermath CD (Life is Abuse) – $9.99
* Monarch / Grey Daturas – Split 12″ (Throne) – $15.99
* Noothgrush – Erode The Person CD (Throne) – $11.99

Phew! Wow OK so that’s enough to keep us busy for a while right? There’s plenty more on deck so this year’s just gonna get crazier and crazier for us. We like it this way, so please get those orders in and we’ll crank them out as quickly as possible. THANK YOU!

Robotic Empire
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Robotic Empire – Online Store

p.s. almost forgot, we caved in and signed up for stupid Twitter… so if you’re into that, check out our micro-bloggin’s here.