About Us

Robotic Empire is a longrunning record label that’s operated by two weirdos and based out of a remote location in North East Washington State. The label is run on solar power within a straw house built by hand out in the mountains.

Started in 1999, a wide amount of genres have been covered over the years as our love for many things left-of-center have kept the variety levels high.

A strong emphasis on packaging and quality products has managed to keep things ever interesting, and we are thrilled to still be operating despite many obstacles along the way.

Most of what we currently make can be found in our Online Store, with lengthier descriptions and purchasing info.

Lots of current news bits, fun stuff and whatever other jibba jabb is constantly delivered through our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram account @roboticempire

Audio samples of some of the bands we’ve worked with can be found on our Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Additional outtakes/demo/rare material from bands we know and/or are friends with can be found on the Robotic Obscurities Soundcloud and blog pages)

Some archival footage can be found on our YouTube page.

There’s also a Tumblr, Myspace and probably some other stuff as well.

Other related businesses by one of these weirdos would be Zeep Piercing Aftercare and Wortcunner Records. Both of which have their own Facebook and Instagram pages. Zeep Facebook Wortcunner Facebook @wortcunner_records @zeep_aftercare

Thanks for supporting what we do.

– Lindsay & Andy